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CBD CBD and Delta 8

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by Deleted member 1153948, Oct 18, 2022.

  1. I have often wondered about Delta 8 from Hemp and CBD. Are they both CBD? Or is Delta 8 from Cannabis THC? It is confusing since I'm old school and haven't smoked since the 1980s. Back then Cannabis was available, (in my hometown of I-Live-In-The-Boondocks) only in Aculopoco Gold, Maui Wowie, and God-Knows-What-You-Got. Came in "Nickel and Dime Bags" and you had to smoke a truckload to get a decent buzz. I tried today's weed and it is much too strong, and I threw up after 6 hits. Delta 8 is much better and it's like the weed of my younger days but it doesn't last me two or three hours at the most. But it has helped my rheumatoid arthritis tremendously. I'm down to 3 to 4 on the pain scale and it helps me sleep. I want the benefit of THC and Full Spectrum CBD. Is Delta 8 the same?? Thanks!!
  2. Delta 8 is THC not CBD. It's just a weaker Cannabinoid than Delta 9.
    It gave me insomnia when I tried it though. And CBD did nothing for me.

    Lots of people love it though.
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  3. Delta-8 is weaker than thc im vaping one as i type just body relaxed but not stupid couch lock its derived from hemp plant 1 molecule under thc....i had gummies from corner store delta 8 + delta 9 250mg/per they have delta 10 too but never tried
  4. Yeah, I took the dog for a walk and vaped some. This was at 10:30 pm CDT and it's 1:02 am now and I'm starting to come down. Wish it would last longer.
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  5. I have seizures too so I thought I would combine them both. Most Delta 8 is derived from sativa, but I prefer indica.
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  6. It starts as hemp CBD then goes through a chemical treatment to convert it to Delta-8. Pretty much unregulated and who knows what chemicals are still in it. I don't trust it at all.

    "The conversion of CBD to delta-8-THC involves refluxing CBD in an organic solvent, such as toluene or heptane,with p-toluenesulfonic acid or another acid that serves as a catalyst. The reaction is typically run for 60–90 min. ““These are pretty aggressive synthetic conditions that use strong acids,” Hudalla says. “They might be using strong bases to neutralize. They can use metal catalysts. I hear different people doing it different ways.” In a pharmaceutical environment, PhD chemists ensure that products don’t include harmful unconsumed reactants, he says. But nobody is measuring the pH of delta-8 products or testing for strong acids and residual metals that are left behind", he says.

    Yeah. Sounds great.
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  7. It is derived from hemp, not sativa.
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  8. Why do some reputable companies label them as such? Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica? Believe me, I don't like using Delta 8 because it's new and no one knows what it does but I live in a Red state and it looks like cannabis will not be legal here unless some pro-cannabis senators get in office. Which, elections are next month and I'm voting Blue.
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  9. Thank you!
  10. I'd have to guess they are not as reputable as it appears. There is a lot of money to be made and moral compasses can get confused around money. Peace.
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