CBC - 10 times more effective than CBD for Anxiety and Stress

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Lemonfox69, May 28, 2018.

  1. Sadly most vaporizers don't go that high and it says boiling point 428'F or 220'C so does that mean you won't get CBC benefits unless temp is higher than 220'C?

    I got the crafty and it used to be able with the (old app) go to 220'C but now the app does not allow over 210, neither the mighty which are IMO the best quality vapes/vapor.

    Any ideas?
  2. Would like some information on the claim in the title; link to article or study would help understand the issue.
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  3. Sorry, Here you go www.vape-nation.com/guide-to-cannabinoids/
    I also found this in multiple other sites so it seems to be roughly 10 times more potent or effective especially for Anxiety and Stress.
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  4. From reading through threads it seems that alot of vapes do not get that high or at least do not have consistant temps needed for certain cabinoids. If your looking to get more accurate temps youll need to get a temp control vape.
  5. I guess this is why sometimes when i vape i feel there's something missing in the high that i would usually gain full effect from say a small joint. I enjoy the vape high, pleasant and balanced but sometimes it feels semi-high like it lacks something or lacking the full potential/effects of the herb/high (in this case) may be this CBC/THCV situation that requires 220'C or higher to access those chemicals released if i am understanding correctly.

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