Cayenne pepper raises pH

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ISmokeDaily, May 18, 2010.

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    I checked on my outdoor plants this morning and the fucking squirrels had one of my plants uprooted....

    I re-planted her and she looks green still but im HELLA WORRIED FOR HER :(

    Anyway, I was talkin to a buddy about it and he recommended sprinkling Cayenne pepper around my babies, so I did this - and then I thought of how it could raise the pH of my soil,

    So i looked online and it said that cayenne pepper had a pH value of 18.5+ !:eek:

    So I think I should go buy some Lime or calcium to bring it back down to 6-7ish right?

    Can I have some advice and opinions please? I Dont wanna burn my plants haha
  2. I honestly have no idea about using cayenne for growing purposes. I do know, that this holy pepper can help many other ailments though. It seems counterproductive, but a tbsp of it can help soothe an upset stomach instantly. It can also get rid of headaches FAST, because it increases blood flow to the head (also works to help hair grow, prevent thinning).
    So, shit, if its that good as far as human usage goes, it should help your plant as well. DOnt quote me on that, though, just guessin
  3. fuckin squirrels.... :mad:
  4. ya dude im not using it for growing purposes.... i spent money on the perfect organic nutes and other stuff... i put it on em cause the squirrels hate the smell or something and it keeps em away
  5. pH is between 1 and 14, 1 being acidic, 14 being alkali, 7 being neutral. At least that's what I understand in my chemistry A level, never been informed of a pH of 18.
  6. ya your right man! i remember that from class too.
  7. So I dunno where you hear that it has pH 18.5.
  8. I recently had deer or rabbits digging up a plot of mine, I sprinkled Garlic powder about 8-10 feet from the plant in a circle and have had no problems since. I don't know if it actually worked , or if its just coincidence .

    Good luck !
  9. cool man, thanks

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