caveat emptor

Discussion in 'General' started by roach, Mar 28, 2001.

  1. Let the buyer beware..............even if you've gotten a referral from someone on this site. There is a more than excellent chance that two online hookups previously posted are total scams.
  2. YEAH! No one order from WhiteWidowMaker or BG until I give the ok. Because of big order delays and possible scammage, no one should order from these guys. My goal is for the 'cream of the crop' and if these yahoos are having so many problems, I assume just not refer people to them anymore.

    I apologize to people on here who have used these guys. If you're having problems, mail me and I will try my hardest to sort things out. Also, if you need someone who's 100% reliable and FAST, feel free to mail me. :)

    Again, sorry to those who are having issues. I will do what I can to sort stuff out.
  3. Who was it that referred the last two ?
  4. It was Joe. Both of those guys were Joe's connects. I only refer people to the guys I know.

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