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Caution: Poor quality weed can make you psychotic

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dank., Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Certian poorly grown weed can make you psychotic. Sativa's mainly.

    Be very careful; If some weed makes you extemely paranoid and stupid it is probably your brain reacting badly to it.

    I smoked 3 huge bowls of some sativa in my vaporizer and just got high for almost 24 hours. My thoughts were jumbled and words in my head were incomplete and very slow. I also was having middle of the night anger attacks.

    The only thng that took it away was some strong Indica. I feel safe and happy now. And the high only lasted 45 minutes

    Weed like that is the reason people think it should stay illegal.

    Believe me when i say your sane mind is something that should not be taken for granted.

    Stay safe and medicate do not harm yourself people.
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  2. makes sense people with their legendary strength sativas offering to a noob smoker can do some fucking of the up in mind. and personally it makes sense as I've pulled some white rhino and purple kush a couple weeks to early and it's sort of racie but more then that it fucks with my mood too

    next grow I'm getting some Durban poision and going to flower it right, I have dark angel RN and am hoping it turns out well being a 50/50 split, but man that poison I cant wait never had pure sativa
  3. Poison is a real treat if grown right.

    One of my single most favorite strains there is.

    But my number one is Manhattan Brown.
  4. Contaminated weed can cause problems. Especially when we are talking particles and chemical residue not very visible to the naked human eye. If you psychotic it ain't the my man

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