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  1. Hm. Looks a bit wet?
    What are you doing in terms of drainage aside from what I can see?
    Hand watered?
    Have you PH tested your runoff? **I mean I'm assuming you PH test/adjust your nutrients/water right?
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  2. 1. There's one hole under the plant pot, that drainage comes out from.
    2 Yeah, hand watered.
    3. No, I'm using organic nutrients so i was told i don't need to, plus i don't have a PH tester.

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  3. The reason I'm watering it a lot is because it's really hot here, Temperatures can reach 35 celcius.

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  4. Water because your plant needs it not because its hot. Looks wet to me also.
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  5. It was wet because i had just watered

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  6. That's fair enough...though I did mention some other factors that you might want to address.
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  7. I'm gonna get a PH tester thing is there's only ones that check the soil not the water

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  8. Would that still work the same?
    That's the only one i can find, It's a Ph meter that measures the ph of the soil, I don't think it can measure the water.

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  9. How do you water it?
    You can get a liquid one. "flairform ph test kit" it's called - You just get some run-off (You probably wanna water until run-off which you probably have been) wait for like 5 seconds when it's dripping then collect the sample with the container, put a drop of the test liquid in, then it'll turn one colour or another to indicate what your PH level is.

    You can also buy a lot of "PH Up" and "PH Down" products to add and adjust your water.
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  10. so soil ph tester is no good?

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  11. I hate it when people ask questions and are in need of help. Then bitch it wasn't what they wanted to hear.

    OP he's right collect the runoff and test it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  12. OP, what exactly is your concern?
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  13. I ain't bitching pal, don't know how you made that assumption, I was just saying that the shop i go to for my gardening doesn't have a water ph measurer but only a soil ph measurer and if that would work, I never bitched about anything.

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  14. Hi Cactus, I was just wondering if this was normal for a young plant to be going through.


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  15. Well sorry I misunderstood like the other guy. I thought you said you had a regular ph tester. Which you would just have to collect a sample and test it. Yea if you can afford it get the soil one. I never used a soil one personally.
  16. Right off hand I'd agree that it looks a bit over watered.
    My personal opinion, without being there....
    The entire surface of the soil looks saturated. I think that's too much water for that size of plant.
    If, as you say, it's very hot and the ambient air is arid enough to dry the soil that rapidly, that plant would still not need more than a glass of water per day. (4oz???)
    I have found that while organic soil is much more forgiving, when growing in containers, it's not a bad idea to get some kind of idea where the PH is at. When I dig a hole in the ground and fill it with organic soil mix, PH is a non issue.
    That said, I don't stress too much when they're that small. I'd be willing to bet that as this thing grows, the new growth will start coming in nice and green.... if properly watered. Many bag soils are too rich for such a small plant. Like feeding a baby steak and potatoes before it grows teeth to chew it.
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  17. The bottom leaves look more yellow than the newer leaves which might suggest a nitrogen deficiency but if that's new soil it would probably have enough nitrogen to last a while. If you started it in a nitrogen deficient soil and repotted it could look like that. Do you think the little yellow spots could be bug bites?

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