Cause I Got High Part 3

Discussion in 'General' started by tokeitall, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. Get teh fuck outta here if you aint gonna post anything but bullshit
  2. well atleast we got his main name that he\'s been posting under for a while now. what bitch. what would really suck is if it isnt him, but actually a friend screwing him over. doubt it tho...
  3. dude you got fuckin problems yo
  4. i dont care if thats his or his friends account he has no right to post this shit and still be doing it.
  5. first i was Sir smokealot then CauseigotHigh then Causeigothigh2 now im on my friends account coz ive rna outa email addys to use lol.
  6. yeah then that means he is like 12...

    everybody report his posts...
  7. i was hanging out with UF-Toker the other day and he even said \"i hate sir smoke a lot, he posts stupid shit all the time\" and i was like... i\'ve seen him, but dont know him by his posts....

    go F-U-C-K your self
  8. i aint done shit.....yet
  9. For being an annoying little shit
  10. you just did do something... you came back on another account and stirred up the same shit you had started with the other account

    everybody give neg rep and report his posts.
  11. I dont know who you are but its quite fucking funny....not what youre doing, but the fact that youre trying to make up for all the wedgies and wet willies people gave you throughout your life by posting on this internet forum with many names. wow. mission accomplished. youre now the most popular douch of the moment here at grasscity.

    follow my advice:

    1)get laid
    2)grow up
    3)get laid
  12. ditto

    and you have done something, you admitted you had the other accounts so your gone for good

  13. :laughing:
  14. youse gotta be da nerdiest none of you cunts r older den 18...2 words for yas

  15. BAD REP O NO thats the last thign i wot :\'( wot am i gunna do :\'( HAHAHAHHA
  16. why arent you banned yet?
  17. and by the way i already got an ip ban..wot else dey gunna do?
  18. Ya dood wot r you gunna do. I bet u not older den sicks

    Learn how to spell.
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