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  1. recently i was on "School grounds" (within 1000 feet of the school perimeter) and was caught having weed they took it (under an ounce) an i was cited for possession of marijuana, they said i will have a court date in 2-3 weeks from that week, will i really be called into court? should i get clean if they decided to piss test me? what should i do right now continue blazing/other drugs ext or?

    Help please

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    what state do you live in

    cuz im in connecticut and i was busted with possession near a school. at first the cop charged me with two felony near school charges that would've given me a mandatory minimum sentence of 2 years. but then he decided to not charge me with that...

    if you live in connecticut, you're fucked. not sure about other states though
  3. Yeah, you'll probably have to appear in court

    Depending on the judge you get and your own criminal history, you'll probably just get 6-12 months on probation. If that happens, you will most likely be drug tested during probation, but there's no reason to start getting clean until you find out for sure.
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    You most definitely need to consult with an attorney.

    This is the sort of thing that, with an attorney, can get dismissed under some variation of "supervision" or "pre-trial diversion", where you pay a fine (or in some states, double the fine), and if you go X months (6 is sorta standard) without any similar citations the whole thing disappears from your record and the public coffers are richer for your kind and generous donation.

    P.S. What is key is that you avoid getting any marijuana citations on your record, as they can come back to haunt you years down the road.
  5. i live in California

  6. oh then chill out bro
  7. 28.5 g or less on school grounds while school open (over 18 yers old) misdemeanor 10 days $500

    The worst that can happen to you is 10 days. Calm down atleast you ain't in Florida. It's 15 years here.
  8. If you're in cali then it will be a cheap one to get out of. Call an attorney, let them handle it, nothing goes on your record.
  9. get an attorney that specializes in marijuana type'll probably get a fine or maybe probation

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