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  1. So I finally got caught, dad for some reason while looking for a lost toolkit went under my bed pulled everything out and made his way to my shoebox...

    I got home noticed it had been pulled right out and the tape on one side ripped i opened it to find my grinder had been opened and left open and everything had been touched and moved..

    My dad hasn't confronted me about it yet and its been a day, my mum is just like ignoring me if she can help it and keeps slamming in sly remarks like yesterday i coughed once and she said o been smoking have we? then i came downstiars because my dad was shouting my nefews name and thought he'd shouted me and she said 'its because your paranoid!' giving me a foul look...

    Really not to sure what to do up to now im just leaving it...

    Any advice?

    O and i also threw out the box and everything inside it excluding my old grinder that i've had for a long time and my zippo :/
  2. confront them about it... They might be off guard and you will have the advantage... Happened to me also with my bong and i just hit em with a bunch of facts real quick and they had no idea wat to do so they just gave it back and said not in the house
  3. Guessing you're between 15-20 years old? Neither of my parents ever smoked and I was raised in a house where drinking alcohol was perfectly acceptable but any drug use was condemned. First time my parents caught me, they figured I was just experimenting. Second time, they got very angry and threatened me with kicking me out of the house, not paying for college, etc unless I never smoked again. Within a few months they caught me again, and again, and again. Got caught a total of probably 8 or so times during my High School years. Eventually they realized I wasn't going to stop, and they just sort of ignored it and wouldn't say anything unless I smoked in the house and they could smell it.

    What I have always done with marijuana is just be totally honest with my parents. If my mom asks what I did at a friends house, I'll just tell her straight up that we smoked a couple joints and just chilled. Obviously this can be very scary at first, because you know you're going to get in trouble or get yelled at. But for me, this policy ended up working out very well. Now I am 22 and in college living on my own. Both of my parents know that I smoke on a daily basis, but at this point I have been smoking for 6 years and I'm still the exact same person. I didn't get "dumber," or less responsible, or or any of the other negative stereotypes of stoners. Every day I go through the entire day with a functioning high.

    My advice? Just keep smoking, but make an obvious effort to keep your stash, grinder, papers, pipes, or whatever where your parents won't find them, and make efforts by doing things such as putting in eye drops or spraying some cheap cologne if you're going home stoned and smelling like chronic. If you do this, even if your parents know you are high (which they probably will) they're not going to say anything to you about it unless you give them a reason to (leaving a bowl out, making the house smell, etc). Do this, and you'll make them mad at first, but in the long run you'll prove to them that you can smoke weed without them even noticing and without it negatively effecting your life.

    "If you don't want people to know you're stoned, then never let them see you when you're not"
  4. Props and +rep to Pulser for such a fine answer.

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