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  1. One day me and my mates (about 6 of them) wanted to get high so we bought a 50 and wanted a nice little chop spot, as we are always on the search for a nice spot. Someone said that the Japanese Gardens would be a good idea. (Im from Australia) Anyway we start choppin and we made a new bong in there...2 cones had been put threw the bong when a mate goes cops cops!!! One mate just throws the bowl and the weed sprays all over the ground but they couldnt find it....another mate puts the remander of the weed in his ice coffee drink...The cops started escorting us out of the place and the mate with the ice coffee thorws it in the bin (which we later went back and got...Still 2/3 or a 50) We got taken the the cop shop and they asked whos bong it was...we said it was a community bong...then they said that cause its a communtiy bong they might have to charge us all...but these were 2 female coppers (1 was fucking hot as) after awhile of discussion they went to have a private talk...they came back and said cause there wasnt much weed in the bong they werent going to charge us!!! But we had to go to court on a trespassing charge...We went to court and the judge only thought we were just trespassing she didnt know about the she said im going to charge you a $10 entry fee each to cover court costs...We were all happy as then we went for a chop....
  2. That iced coffee move was slick. Good work, glad it turned out all right.
  3. the one cop we got in our village is pretty sound, when he was new he went down to the park to see wat people get up to, everyone was sittin around so he says, 'whos the boss round here then?' (or sumin along those lines) so all the younger kids who sometimes follow us round, little fuckers, point to my mate whos lookin shady with his hood up, the cop just laughs and says he doesnt mind us smokin that stuff as long as he doesnt see us doin it
  4. really? you didnt tell me that. But i dont like it there, i get bored lol

    Also. cool moves
  5. yeah that was salmon, nick was the guy with the hood up.
  6. heh pc salmon. i've only seen him about twice, but i heard about when you just went up to him and started chattin shit stash_up!
  7. Last week me and a buddy were walkin down the street in a little city at 4 in the morning smokin up having an alright time when suddenly I see a cop comin fast with no lights on. Needless to say i started booking it, ditched my shit for later recovery and lost my friend almost as soon as we started running. To tell you the truth i wasnt in any shape to be runnin because i was sick for a week and didnt eat or sleep for a couple days, but i had to anyways. 2 cops from the rear screaming "Get the fuck down or im gonna shoot your ass!", and 2 more cars comin from both sides, by this time i had jello legs and couldnt feel them anymore so i did some weird shit to lose one of the cops and sat there for a little bit. That's when ANOTHER cop came and spotted me so i started runnin again around a corner, "FUCK!" is all that came out of my mouth when i saw 2 more cop cars on top of all the other cops comin after me. I stopped and put my hands up in the air and said i give up when one of the cops that was chasin me got out his night stick and ran up and CRACK! right in the knee and i dropped. they started screamin at me about where my drugs were and if i was drunk, they searched me and found nothing and I passed my breathalyzer so they charged me with an underage tabacco and a running from the cops charge. When i was out to the station every cop that chased me came in and every single one of them gave me shit. That makes me mad cause i got a really bad bruise from that overzealous popo. I at least got a laugh when my friend told me he heard me drop the F-Bomb from 4 blocks away in a garage. When i woke up my homies smoked me up high as hell and it was all good again. Long post but I am a little out of it so why not eh? DRAAAAAAAAAXIMOOOOO!
  8. time me and like 7 people wheer smoking at lunch at my skool the out side bleachers where on a hill and u could go underthem with out people seeing u..people started narking about where people smoked and went when they ditched me and my friends are smoking and my principal and the football coach roll up at the top and was like all right put out ur cigs and bring them 2 evreyone besides me goes out the left side and i hide my shit and bolt it out the opisite way and run my ass off and spray soem axe was all good..or my wood shop teacher saw me smokin and my friends and were in this brushy area but he alls us over and he all pretend to trip liek at difrent times to drop our shit it was funny as hell geting caught by ur teacher and haveing him in ur next class woodshop
  9. Me and my friend gought caught when we were 13 i had smokes 3 lighters and my pipe i made out of soap stone on me and my friend had my 8thbut i drop every thing cept for the pipe cause i was so high i could not drop it i loved it but my friends goes to drop the 8th and the fucking winds blows it right into the back of the the teacher omg we laughed are asses off got arrested wasnt much ~ah the good ol days lol

  10. Why didn't you RUN!!! LoL..

  11. ..........might want to fix that..

  12. story could have been from a long time ago, jackass

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