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  1. hey guys, i was just wondering for those of you who have parents you live with (not you 40 year old guys), when did your parents catch you smoking or find you you did..? mine was when i was a freshman in high school and i was being an ass and showing off to my friends and i had it in my pocket, at the end of the day i had to give my mom something and it fell out of my pocket LOL i fels as i was going to pass out,the funny thing is they didnt even doanythin, i found out my dad smokes once and a while and my whold family know my brother smokes every hour or so..well thats my story, whats yours?
  2. i come from a family of complete squares.

    I told my mum "Mum, I smoke cannabis." when we were driving along just before she was about to turn a corner... i admit my timing could have been better.
  3. My dad always offereed to get me high but i never took him up on it when i was younger, i should have, i didn't think it was bad, i just felt i had a lot of self discovery to do before i began altering my mind. When i finally told him i got high he was like "hell yeah, sweet!" I used to hook my dad up with tha kind when it was around, even tho i didn't toke, cause i could find it easier, i rolled with that crowd.
  4. my parents don't know and I hope to God that they never find out. They would disown me. My dad already told me that if he finds out that I have gotten mixed with the wrong crowd and start doing drugs, any drugs, that I shouldn't bother coming home.

  5. i got the same from my dad, he lets me drink but thats the limit of it.

    no i say,do it when they can't listen then we they ask, what did you say you can say nothing then if they do find out there the 'i did try to tell you' line lol
  6. well, my first dealer was my moms best friend, which was totally not cool.. after the first summer of smoking, she got drunk and told my mom. i only got grounded for a week though.

  7. its a whole lot better than you think when your parents find out. you wont be worried all the time and just feel better about yourself, as long as you're responsible.

    my parents found out because the place i live in people tend to talk a lot. i dont even know how, but some kids just talked to their parents or something. my parents just told me to be responsible. its not a big deal just be honest

  8. my mom just told me i was too young.

    she would say "now i know we do it, but me and your dad were well into our 20's when we started"

    hehe i found out she was fibbing about my dad because he told me he started smoking when he was in Vietnam (he was 19).. said he smoked some Opium while he was there and it was crazy shit.

    so now im 23 and smoking with them whenever i go to their house to do laundry.. man i love them :)

    i used to be embarrased to tell my friends when i was growing up, but then when they heard about it they would say like "dude thats awesome! i wish my parents smoked!"

    then years later some of them friends of mine ended up smoking with me and my mom, and when we would leave my friends would say ".... dude you have the coolest mom ever!" that was always cool to hear :)
  9. my parents found out when i started asking about it, and then to top it off, my mom caught me smoking in my room! she just tok it away..... little did she know, that i had a 1/2 Ounce still! haha! now my parents know i smoke, and they are kinda kewl with it.... more my dad then my mom.
  10. my parents found out when i was dealin in cincinnati, they are anti pot, so they got all pissed. But i told them it wont stop and maryjane is my b*tch for life. But i cant do it in the house or come home high. i play it off good tho... but yeah to the day they still hate it
  11. Mom doesnt care about weed and I used to share with her but never actually smoked with her. When she found coke and methadone and scales she flipped out and called the police and got me court ordered to a correctional facility for a month where I got in three fights which added an extra 3 months so I got screwed. Maybe it was a sign from Jebus?
  12. When my mom found out i was in 7'th grade and i was steeling her weed for a week out of a bag she had in her room (it was some of the best shit ive ever toked) and me and my friend were smokin all day and she got home early and caught us red handed. but she didnt care at all and it only made it better.her boyfriend was my biggest dealer so it was such a great enviornment for me and my friends
  13. fuck man my parents are fucking bitches when it comes to weed. im just gonna play it cool now and not get so fucked up that im gonna get caught when i smoke in the house. i dont know why but usually when i smoke at home i get so fucked up and paranoid and i never have eyedrops that my mom usually sees me like that. man i cant wait till i get a car so at least i can say im going to the store or something then ill just go chill at some chicks house or something. maybe get some head. -wink-
  14. my friend got caught while i was with him. my mom was pretty cool, she said she doesnt want me doing it when im young and i should wait to college. my dad seemed pretty pissed, but he's an alcoholic, so its kind of hypocritical. i dont live with him though, only see him on weekends. my brother got arrested and he's got all his trust back from both so i dont really have a lot to worry about.
  15. my parents are so clueless i could have and O on my desk and my parents would just tell me to clean the plants off of my desk or to put them in some soil or something. i got it easy.

  16. My parents are exactly the same! I have a huge BEAUTFUL pic of a bud for wallpaper, I can really handle my self when im stoned, so when i come home, i will be RIPPED out of my mind, and they wont notice.

    I had a graduation party and I was smking on my front porch with a whole bunch of friends, my mom comes out and said that sombody smelled pot, I was just done filling my lungs from a blunt and I let it all out right in front of her and told her its just cigars! She goes, "oh ok". Next day, I asked her about it and she just thought I was drunk so a smoked a mom, I love her.

    Now, my dad, he is a smart man, but I still have yet been caught by him. I have been smoking for about 5 years now and if I just staright up told them, I dont think they would get that mad anyways. I smoked myself out in 11th and 12th grade, made better grades than before, gg

    I will continue to smoke only MJ and do some shrooms. I only do the naturals !!


  17. thats what im saying
  18. my dad used to smoke and once in a while he tokes but dosent tell me but you can smell it. Hees not cool with me growing bacause he dosent want to go to court if i get busted and him have to pay for the lawyer fees ect. Ive been cought with about 4 bongs, and 4 grows, still have one more goin on but shhhh! :D. Never got cought with actual bud though. adn yea i agree with supafly its alot easier and less to worry about if your parents know.

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