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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kevin08, May 29, 2009.

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  1. It seems like ever since i joined this forum my luck has taken a turn for the worst because i have been caught yet again. Yesterday me and my friend were smoking in my room around noon, just enjoying ourselves. My parents usually don't come home til like 6 so we weren't worried. But yesterday my dad came home early, for a reason i still don't know. We were pretty baked when we heard the garage opening and both looked at each other trying to deny the situation, but that soon ended and we were scrambling to clean up everything and air out my room. We got out of the house scotch free, saying hi to my dad on the way out.

    So we decided to go under the radar for the rest of the day and went to chill at my friend's place. At about 3 i get a phone call: it's my dad and he told me to go home "NOW!" He walked to the backyard with me and pointed to my month old plants that i completely forgot about in the heat of the moment. I was more in awe that i forgot to hide them than his anger. During his long rampant and yelling, at some point he pulled all three plants right out of their pots! I couldn't believe it but within seconds all my work thus far had been destroyed! This is just a warning to everyone, especially novices like myself, that you will get caught somewhere along the line, it happens to everybody!
  2. Tough break, but most of us aren't worried about getting caught by dad.

    Never grow at your parents home, I have seen like a 99% failure rate when it comes to getting away with it.
  3. that's not entirely true man. just remember, chances are your parents smoked a lot of ganja when they were kids. i strongly recommend talking to them about your responsible use of ganja (lie a little bit if you have to). tell them you enjoy smoking when you're done with your chores/homework/other obligations and that you'd like to grow a plant for yourself and yourself alone so that you don't have to risk buying and carrying pot in your car. if they don't acquiesce after that...well, you're fucked.

  4. Growing in someone elses home is just wrong...take into consideration the problems that can arise for your parents when you do illegal acts in/at thier home. They are responsible for your actions until your old enough(sounds like your in HS still, at least most that post here with this same problem). Either grow outdoors away from your parents property or just buy your bud like most HS kids.

    You can try and talk to your dad and explain how responsible you are with it...wait that went out the window when you grew in his home without his knowledge.
  5. fixed
  6. Do not grow on your parents property...

  7. Lmao, that sucks dude but you never should have been growing in you're parents house without them knowing. When i was in highscool my parents knew i smoked and had no problem with it, i did it in my room all the time while they were home. No problems, but i never would have grown in there home even though they had no problems with me smoking it. You have probably ruined you're chances of them ever really being ok with you smoking it because now they have lost some of there trust in you. You didn't really speify if they knew you smoked it before but if they didn't you should have just been honest with them and things would be much better. Even if they didn't like that you smoked it they would have been happy that you were honest with them. Parents don't like feeling like there kids are hiding stuff from them. Well good luck man.

  8. Good point. I would actually be glad pops caught me instead of it getting spotted and reported to the authorities. Because then, it's not even your ass on the line, it's your parents who will be tried as adults.

    You dodged a bullet all in all, just wait until you get your own pad and grow safely and without worry.
  9. I mean this in the nicest way,'re an idiot. Smoking in the house? Leaving plants in plain view?

    Now you're talking sense. I'm glad you've learned from your experiences.

    Mmmmm...being the age of the parents of most people on this forum, I'm not so sure about those odds, a lot of folks in high school in the 1970s did not smoke (though true a lot did). I agree that if you live with your parents and want to grow, you need to talk to them about it and get permission. If you don't talk to them about it, or if you do and they say no, then don't do it.
  10. ya I grow at my parents house. They're both anti weed. They know I'm growing and hate it. I'm growing in an attic space thing is it's suuuuper hard to get up there with just one person and they're both old so they can't get to it.. hahaha I rule this house and they can't do shiat about it.. haha also they're like afraid to call cops it's hellla legit

  11. You should turn their bedroom into a flower room and the bathroom as your vegitative room and make them sleep in the attic..Have some respect for your parents they love you thats why they wont call the police you fool.
  12. Growing in any home without everyone knowing and willing to take the risk with you, is in my mind one of the most uncool things a person can do. It ranks up there with stealing plants, narking off ex-lover, and beating kids. What makes it worse is doing it to mom and dad. I love my folks, and would hate to dishonor them so blatantly.

    My advice is: Stop smoking weed, get a job and make your own way. Then in your own home, decide if it's worth the risk.

    Very uncool man.
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    I agree totally. Treating someone like that (i.e. smoking in parents home, growing in or on parents property, etc) , especially someone who loves you, who feeds you, and who gives you a roof over your head, not to mention the thousands of other things they do for you, is about the most UNCOOL thing in the world.

    Yep, I'm old as hell. However age and experience will overcome youth and inexperience any day of the week. Listen to us old f'ers, youngsters. There is much we teach, and you can learn a LOT.

    Be cool with your parents. They may hate the shittake out of weed, but THAT IS THEIR RIGHT, just as you choosing to smoke weed is YOUR CHOICE.

    There is no problem with your choice to "medicate." Just do it somewhere other than your parents home, and that goes for growing as well. If the LEO's found those plants on your parents land, it's YOUR PARENTS who'd be up the creek without a paddle, not you. They could go to jail for your indiscretion. Would that be cool? I think not.

    Kevin08, take heed to these words of advice. You'll be thankful in the long run. And so will your parents.

    Quahadvocate23, while it is true that us baby boomers smoked tons of pot, not all baby boomers were as enlightened as others. Very few weren't, LOL.

    Numb was right, trying to explain your responsible use of Cannabis after growing at your parents house won't fly. Just take the licking and chalk it up to experience, the hard way, LOL.

    Toastybiz, more up us '70's folk smoked than will admit it, LOL. Most of the sports teams at my high school were blasted on something or the other when they played. I know - I was one of the players, LOL.

    AllIDoIsSmoke, I won't be as kind as toastybiz - YOU ARE WORSE THAN AN IDIOT. I hope your parents grow some nuts and turn you in. You are just the type of arrogant, smart-assed kids that need a good nut-busting to straighten you out. I hope you come to your senses, and SOON!

    Damn I almost HATE to be an arsehole, no wait, I really don't. Some people need a good swift kick in the nads to wake them up!

    Duckybone, RIGHT ON. The parents of AIDIS may actually love him/her, although I fail to see the reason why (JUST KIDDIN"!). They do love him - or he'd be in jail or juvenile right now. Hope he realizes that soon, before it's too late.

    Rumple, good post. I quite smoking pot when my wife and I had our first child. And now that they are grown and on their own, we have re-started our lungs, LOL. I had to decide if smoking and growing was worth losing my and my familys home and life. I decided it wasn't, and so we quite smoking.

    Young'uns, what the above is called is LOVE for one's family, and RESPONSIBILTY taken to take care of said family. It's a very good lesson to remember.

    Young people, be responsible. If you are responsible now, it beats being FORCED to be responsible later.

    Trust an old fart - he may just be right. :ey:
  14. Don't grow or use marijuana in your parents home, they pay the bills it is their house and their rules.

    Not yours.

    Maybe go scout a plot off your parents property if you really want to grow.
  15. Rule 1:Broken
  16. ...Makes me wonder how a parent could possibly love a prick like this. The SOB would be out in the streets.
  17. i think the OP gets the point by now.
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