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Caught with scale and baggies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by efren189, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. The other day I was caught at school cutting class and when I was caught I just happened to have a scale with a slight smell of marijuana on it and a small plastic bag full of baggies but no weed I was obviously suspended from school for cutting class but the police are coming on monday morning to come search my bag for marijuana in it (the bag is locked in a room at school) and I have no marijuana in it. I wanted to know what can the police possibly do to me for just being caught with a baggies and a scale that slightly smells like weed?

  2. They may take the scale to have it tested for residue so that they can actually charge you with paraphernalia.  I doubt they could get you with distribution if there's no herb, probably won't stop them from trying though.  You need a good lawer son.
  3. Yeah a scale and a bag definitely seems incriminating, but as long as you had no weed tell them to fuck off

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  4. They will try distribution to minors if you are at a school that allows suspensions. Or they could be chill about it. You aren't currently in handcuffs
  5. I'm assuming you got no tickets and your scale/bags were confiscated? Where I went to school worst they'd probably do was call your parent's, but they could give you a paraphernalia ticket.
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    having a scale on you sometimes the cops can say its intention to distribute. you're not smart for having it on you in a school.
  7. The cops are gonna try to lie, threatening you to try and trick you into giving them information or admit to something.
  8. these kids man smdh
  9. Are you in high school?
    I just started smoking about a month ago, but it amazes me how clueless people are. I would NEVER be anywhere near a school if I had herb on me. School punishment is so severe for any drug, and they will go to great lengths to prosecute. I have had 2 friends be expelled from my junior high school for under a gram of cannabis, due to the "0 tolerance" code.
    Be smarter next time dude, just keep that shit away from schools.
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  11. Burn the school down if your too pussy I'd just say you don't know anything police are here to convict you not protect you
  12. Oh dude you blew it. Boy, do I feel sorry for you. You will be arrested and you are gonna do hard time in an industrialized prison. You is gonna be big bubba's bitch in cell block D.
  13. California cops would not be interested unless you had like an oz of weed all grammed up in baggies.
  14. Obviously you know this now but don't bring a fucking scale to school. Sell before or after school son. My scale doesn't leave my house unless I am moving somewhere else. 
  15. You need to pack some things and go on the run, forget everybody you've ever known, you dont know them anymore fake your own death and go, maybe buy a car, let people see you driving it around for a day, kill a homeless person and burn them in the car. You need to decide on a new name and somewhere to start a new life, maybe earn a few coins sweeping barns or picking fruit, if you suspect anybody is onto you, asks you an arkward question, gives you a funny look, pack up and go.
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    Why the HELL would you have a scale and multiple baggies on you at school?
    Retards will be retards, as if bringing weed to school wasn't dumb enough. 
    Let's add up all the charges you will get:
    *Possession with intent to distribute (felony) 
    Use of a communications facility (felony)
    Involving a minor (felony)
    *Within 1000 feet of a school, park, or housing project (felony) 
    Christ, you couldn't have been dumber
  17. if there is no weed residue they technically cannot charge you for anything. but if there is, you're fucked
  18. Better call Saul

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