Caught with Paraphernalia

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  1. I was just caught last night because i was speeding and he patted me down. He told me i was being cuffed because of what he felt in my pocket. I left my bowl there and didnt throw it in the glove compartment like normal. I feel so stupid but not i have a misdemeanor for "possession of controlled subs paraphernalia".

    Dude am i screwed for life? I'm in college for biomedical engineering and entering my junior year. I wanted to work this summer but not im worried i've ruined my life and summer.

    Can anyone offer advice? Will this drop from my record? can i fight it in court?
  2. You an fight it in court, technically you can fight anything, winning is the problem. Now where I live something like that is around a 600$ fine and a misdemeanor, but also they offer a program called PTI (pre trial intervention) that you can take, costs quite a bit,but afterwards it drops off your record, lean and clear. Also check with your local sheriffs office because I know about 30 mins away in a diff county where my buddy lives, they have the option of paying some money to the courthouse, (after fine is paid) and you get it wiped from your record. only works once. But I would def go to court and talk to the judge and ask about a pre trial intervention program or something similar.
  3. get a lawyer, if it's your first offense they'll be able to get you into the pretrial diversion program most likely. Once you're in the pretrial program, it doesn't go on your record and the charges are dropped once you get done with probation. It didn't cost me quite a bit, 150$ total for the pretrial program, and no further fines or costs. Lawyer was the part that set me back a bit, 1500$. Good luck, consequences for minor first offences are usually relatively mild.
  4. its just a misdemeanor.. most likely you will just get community service, a fine, and probation. you didnt mess up your life, just hide your shit next time
  5. Your questions are completely dependent on what state you are going to college in, and which county you were busted in.

    worst case scenario is, you pay $150-$250 for a drug class and you cant get student loans anymore.

    employers aren't going to be able to find out that you have the charge as far as I know, so when applying for a job just say you don't have any records.
  6. Same thing happened to me.. only vastly different.. but same charges.. you'll have a court date maybe six months probation.. sort of a slap on the wrist
  7. youll get out of it most likely.. but it varies based on what state you live in. I got caught in high school freshman year and got no court papers ever, and I lived in arizona at the time.
  8. Ok. FIght that shit. If you get pulled over for speeding and you don't give him consent, anything discovered by a weapons pat down in pockets is inadmissible in court. The cop was an ass, now pwn him in court.

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