Caught with fake urine during test

Discussion in 'General' started by Gonlue81188, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. First time poster here... Didn't know where else to go. Today during my probation drug test I was caught using fake urine. I was just hoping others could help me understand what will happen next. I was on probation for a misdemeanor possession charge. This is my first violation but I'm pretty sure it's not going to be a little slap on the wrist. Please someone help, you're all I've got
  2. You're P.O. is going to mark you down for a violation of the terms of your probation, and your sentence will probably lengthened plus you'll have added fines.
  3. dam that sucks dude, i dont think a recorded possesion charge occurs here where i live, i got caught 3 time 2 of the times they took the weed and let me go, then the 3rd i got a ticket for a violation and doesnt go on your record because it doesnt even qualify as a misdemeaner

  4. Even being caught with fake urine? I was under the impression that I will be charged with a felony for tampering now... This is so awful I realize I totally messed up.
  5. Next time op use a turkey baster

  6. There's always that possibility but since it's your first violation perhaps you'll get lucky.

    But from here on out your P.O. is probably gonna watch you piss.
  7. You done goofed OP..

    They will probably just extend your probation time like others have said.
  8. Can you explain how you got caught?

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