caught wanking it

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Solid State Society, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. 1. you watch porn on your phone? lol i found that funny.
    2. she added you as a friend on FB which means see saw your cock and she wants it....bad. she's been a dirty naughty girl for not knocking. punish her. punish her good and hard. slay her vagina. afterwards, tell her to buy you some mcdonalds.
  2. Ipod touches are legit to. And this made me laugh fuck mcdonalds tell the bitch to make you a sandwich.

  3. I was reading it through my eyes, I know what you mean:smoke:
  4. What kind of weirdo walks into a STRANGER'S house, walks up to a CLOSED bathroom door and doesn't knock?

  5. ^^^ second that
  6. shoulda asked her to help you out.
    "don't just stand there! start sucking!"
  7. Well, at least you weren't taking a dump.

  8. well i guess my friends assured her that no one would be in there, cause no one ever uses that bathroom. J and K are over all the time, so yeah
  9. Dopeboyhero, you shouldn't be embarrassed, stand there proud, dick in hands and stare into her eyes and ask her "You in on this shit?"

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