caught wanking it

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  1. It was literally as the door was coming open. I can't even explain it, the paranoia you get from being too high + the "OH NO!!!!" of getting caught wacking off + the fact that it's a hot girl that I've never seen before + the fact that I just jizzed a split second before the door was all too much lol
  2. that's awesome. and i don't get why people don't lock their bathroom door. I understand you're in the house all by yourself, BUT the second the front door opens i would've locked the bathroom door, finished my business and avoided this whole mess.

    but on the other hand, i too think this portuguese broad wants to hop on ya
  3. lol i was beatin it one time an all of a sudden i get a call from a dealer i had a few years back anyways i have enough time to finsih but not clean up we go out to my back yard get baked as fuck an then he sais dude we should get ur xbox an go to my house i am down to do this (completly forgot there is a mess in my room) anyways we go to my room to unhook my xbox an he just starts busting out laughing i am like wtf??? an all of a sudden i see the lotion the sock an the porn still playin lol i was oo shit needless to say embarsing but who gives a fuck i was high he was high an we played some mw1

  4. I'll try my luck ;)

  5. The sock? please don't tell me you do it into the sock

  6. honestly i am not gonna lie yes i usta jizz into the sock (cut down on clean up time)

    still do from time to time but now i got condoms for that
  7. [ame=]YouTube - you caught me spankin it w/lyrics[/ame]
  8. Personally I appreciate your honesty....

  9. lol thanks i find people like honestly more then deseption:smoke:
  10. It takes you 10 minutes to wank it? You need some better porn man.
  11. " Please dry your eyes and don't be so sad. But I wouldn't use those tissues, they've already been had. "
  12. damn somtimes it takes me 3 and a half hours to wank it lol (only when i am sobor tho)
  13. Now, after reading this thread, how many of you guys imagined this scenario going on in your house as you were reading it?:smoke:
  14. honestly i imagined it happening lol
  15. haha dude!Good story :smoke:

  16. in what setting?
  17. my house that shit has almost happend to me b4 lol:smoke:
  18. Reminds me of Fast times at Ridgemont high lol
  19. You: This girl I've never seen before caught me wanking it.
    GC: She's totally into you, bro!

    I must say, Grass City has some great moments.
  20. This comment made me laugh for 20 mins....

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