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  1. Two of my friends were coming over so we can smoke a fat blunt and play some video games and catch up. I had smoked previously, so I was ripped as a muhfucka.

    My two friends: J & K

    K tells me on the phone that he'll be at my house in 30 minutes and he's also bringing along another friend from his university and how she's down to smoke it up and meet new people. I'm like "that's cool". I don't mind smoking out complete strangers, it's a great way to meet new people. Plus it's at my house and I'm a friendly guy :)

    SO....He said 30 minutes. That gave me enough time to go in the bathroom and beat off. I got this new phone, the samsung wave, and the screen is oh so beautiful, and porn in 1080p looks sweet. Needless to say, I go in my bathroom and begin wackin it. 10 minutes into it, I hear my door open (I left it open for them) and I'm thinking "aw fuck, he said 30 minutes"

    I quickly try to finish what I started, and right as I released, I heard my friend J say, "It's right there"

    And my bathroom door comes flying open, and it's this girl K brought over and I've NEVER seen this girl before and she has never seen me either. I had a hard on, headphones on, porn still playing on my phone and a little bit of a mess left over.

    I'm going to call this girl M

    M screamed out "AU-WOW" really fucking loud, and I'm just staring at her, completely frozen, and ontop of this all - I was still so fucking high off Strawberry Cough. And she quickly says "SORRY I DIDNT KNOCK" and shut the door. She just wanted to use the bathroom.

    Quite fucking awkward. She added me on facebook and we still smoked it up, but...damn. So weird.
  2. her adding you to facebook and smoking with you is an invitation to sex.
  3. This ^
  4. i think so too....
  5. haha dude that sucks...must have been super awkward after...i woulda just been like "i thought u guys said 30 minutes" lol
  6. I was wondering why she wasn't phased by it, and even shared the same blunt lol. I would definitely hit it, she's sexed.

    That is what I said. J and K straight up laughed in my face lol and asked me why I didn't lock the door. But why would I need to lock the door? Learn to knock!
  7. whats she look like? :D

  8. haha thats time we caught one of our friends lookin at porn when we were all in the same hotel was obvious he was lookin at porn (wasnt jerkin it, jus lookin) and we started laughing and was like hey brandon. what ya lookin at over there? and hes just like fuck you guys, he knew he was caught, was hilarious cuz he was tryin to be all sneaky about it

  9. Well she's Portuguese, maybe 5'6, tiny boobs but that doesn't matter cause she has a huuuuuge ass. Long brown hair, has a stud on her nose. Ehh I dont know how else to describe her, I was pretty stoned so I forgot lol but she's really pretty.
  10. Did you guys talk about it?
  11. flah chested big ass latino thing going on i get it baby, get sum! :D
  12. Agreed
  13. Hardest I have laughed in a long time. LMAO she was like "AH-WOW!" LOL!!!!! dude I wouldnt even of been able to smoke after I would of been so fucking embarassed I cant even explain
  14. HAHA yeah tell me about it...i am one of those unfortunate people on the planet that got busted by their moms when jacking off...i could have died right then and there (age 15) man....:smoke:

  15. yeah after we all got really blasted. K brought it up, he just started laughing "i cant believe you got caught, bro". But hey, it's my house, no need to lock my door lol.
  16. I hope you guys hook up and people ask about the time you first met. :D
  17. Priceless.... thanks for the story man...

    Hope you get something going with her. She sounds nice.
  18. i just fell of my chair...hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  19. lmao that would be a great story to tell.
  20. Wow lmao. Thats pretty fucked up i woulda been so embarassed. But did u cum before she came in. Or did she see you cum? Lol i gotta know.

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