Caught up in a triangle...

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    So, there's a lady who's taken a fancy to me. Problem is, I don't feel the same. I mean, she's smart, cute, and funny, but there's someone else...

    That someone is her friend, who's shown some interest in me. This friend knows how I feel about the first lady, and we both agree I should tell her before she gets too attached to me (or vica-verca)

    Problem is, I'd feel weird dating her friend after turning her down....any advice? I feel stuck here...and I really like this girl, so I don't want to blow it.
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    seriously though i always find straightforward honesty is always the best policy.
    you need to get to know them both better though
  3. I'm so stoned. I thought this thread was about Brazilian jiu jitsu and even had a response typed out BEFORE I noticed, thank goodness. Screw it, here's what I had written.

    "Man, if you're caught in a triangle dude... You just fucking slam the guy and break his neck or something. If he wins by submission with a broken neck, you just need to be fucking ashamed."

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