Caught up in a drugs bust, scared, help.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by maximus1208, May 5, 2016.

  1. So I don't smoke week often. I've bought from this guy about twice before, and I've smoked a little before that, but thats it.
    Yesterday my friend wanted to chill after our exam so decided to try to get weed. I was standing around for a while looking out for the dealer (i dont really know his face) when some guy on the phone is looking around and describing people and hows he's gunna approach them, I though he described me but it was someone else, I instantly got scarred and lost all desire for weed from then and that point onwards. I stared to walk away but the dealer just beaconed my over, and in the heat of the moment I went over to him. we got the weed and when we were walking away. a bunch of undercover cops (around 5) are chasing guys around, I dont think the say us though as we just walked away. (they were after a group of guys and not this one guy) I chucked the weed (scared). And just went on our way. should I be worried for buying drugs I feel so terrible now. I regret what I have done.
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  2. Hardly a lifestyle choice
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  3. hence the post
  4. Stop making up stories in your mind.
    If the 5 undercover pigs came after you they would have you now.
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  5. If you're that scare of the piggies you should not do any drugs or anything illegal. The lifestyle doesn't fit everyone

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  6. i think legal advise not cred
  7. thankyou, they we're after a big group of guys in the park
  8. Yea man your fuked.. Police can now see you while undercover and in sting phase and come arrest you anytime they want. Sorry to say theres no statute of limitations on that type of circumstance. My advice would be to turn yourself in and get this prison time outta the way. And pray they don't hit you with being in area where drugs are sold where no more then 5 undercovers are within 5 mintues of bust... Good luck bro

    Documenting noobs first grow
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  9. Documenting noobs first grow
  10. i'd of believed you if this was the 1st thing you posted.. but nah, i dont really like you.
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  11. Na bro they cant do shit unless they have significant proof that you distributed anything, they go after Sellers not buyers, ur connect might think ur a snitch though id find new peeps
  12. this is what I wanted to hear man, thanks
  13. sorry to hear it, i do like your profile pic though, great selfie!
  14. Try smoking year

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