Caught Twice in a Row?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by LBurner, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Hi guys. Longtime lurker posting for the first time here. I just finished typing up a nice version of this story, took a little bit actually, and I went to post it and it messed up and I lost it :( Anyway, I just got caught twice in a row during this blunt ride I just finished.

    I picked up a cigar and was rolling a blunt in the wal mart parking lot when two dudes in an SUV pull up right next to me and stare at me so I roll down my window and they ask me if I'm rolling a blunt. I told them I was and they left. Later I realized I should have invited the, to smoke and I could have made two new friends. Lol.

    I drove to my house and I was sitting outside in my car smoking and listening to music when someone knocks on my passenger window and scares the shit out of me. Its dark so I'm still not really sure who is knocking on my window but I crack my window and see some man who turns out to be my neighbor. I was hotboxing my car so I know he smelt the smoke. Hell, I had the blunt in my hand still. He seems kind of mad and asks me to turn down my music. I tell him sure, it's not a problem and turn it down. After that my high was kinda ruined so I just grabbed all y shit and went inside before he called the cops or something. I'm kind of confused though. Because I was in my car with the windows up and I don't have any subwoofers or anything. Plus, my volume wasn't up very loud and the dude lives across the street. [​IMG]
  2. It's amazing what people can hear at night.
    I once said something to my buddy about these two girls in front of us and they went on to shout at me for what I said. They were at least 50 feet away, although we were the only 4 visible people within the area.
  3. Crazy shit. Well it's been like a day now and he hasn't said anything else about it so I guess its cool :smoke:
  4. maybe he wanted to join you and didn't know how to say it cuz he's awkward. next time ask if he wants some
  5. lol in my area i would've sketched mad badd man. you shoulda just passed it to your neighbor and been like "yo hit this braa" :smoke:
  6. That's pretty crazy. At least they weren't hostile.

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