Caught the cops on camera

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  1. Let me start from the beginning.....About a month ago me and my buddy got pulled over for stopping too far over the white line at a red light...i was sitting at the red light when the cop pulled up behind so he used this as a bullshit reason to pull me over and search me....

    So the cop comes up to my window and does the whole license and registration thing then after we check out, he asks us if we had the munchies (we had just stop and got A LOT of munchies) if we were high/ had weed on us, you know the drill. Well after getting into trouble with the law a couple times i learned my lesson and rarely drive with anything illegal.

    Well he pulls me and my friend out of the car and is really going to town with the threats, telling me if he was in a bad mood he could take me to jail for the white line violation and all this stuff, the whole time his shift commander is standing there watching this happen well after we deny, deny, deny...and deny some more that we had any drugs on us they call in the K9

    Once the K9 pulls up the police make us stand in front of their car and pat us down (were both wearing gym shorts(no pockets) and t-shirts) they searched me twice and they never even gave me a ticket....they said the dog alerted and then searched my car for 20 minutes and not finding anything they let us go anyways once my parents heard this story they requested the video tape of the traffic stop and after watching the tape you can clearly see the K9 officer throw something in my window before he walks it around and it alerts.....the police explanation is that the officer was throwing our driver licenses back in the car before searching our car.....sounds like bullshit to me
  2. what did he actually throw into the car?
  3. Well you weren't charged with any kind of possession, nor did you find planted drugs in your car so what's the problem? And why would you get your parents involved?
  4. Where is the video??

    & use it to your advantage!!!
  5. he sprinkled crack in the car? lol
  6. i mean obviously if he threw drugs into your car you would be sitting on a ticket right now

    since youre not, he didnt throw drugs into your car. most cops can command their k9s to alert through verbal commands or hand gestures. they dont need to visibly throw drugs into the car to have a "reason" to search

  7. Probaly weed , cops allways do shit like that

  8. "Sprinkle some crack on him and lets get the hell out of here!"
  9. before 2 mins lol
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    FUCK YOU NIGA IM SELLIN WEED lol , and thats the dude of half baked he is awesome

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