Caught someone littering in my yard.

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  1. So I happened to be sitting at my dinner table eating and looking out my window to the street this afternoon, and saw a group of 4 teenagers. One of them was riding a bike and drinking a can of pop, and proceeded to finish the can and throw it into a bush in my front yard. After I saw this, I couldn't stand by and let it occur, so I immediately ran outside and said in my loudest most aggresive voice, "HEY, DID YOU JUST THROW A CAN IN MY YARD?!?!?" The three teens on foot quickly pointed to their friend on the bike and then left him behind and kept walking (I think I scared them quite a bit). The kid got off his bike and did look for it, along with myself, but we couldn't find it, so I said, "Well don't worry about it man, but don't litter here again because I come out here and pick up garbage all the time!" He pretty much got out of there as fast as he could as soon as I told him it was no big deal...but I think he was pretty frightened. He said, "Wait up guys!" at one point but they kept walking, lol.

    Anyways I kind of surprised myself a little, because I think to myself as I'm cleaning my yard up, "I only wish I could see it happen" and finally I did. I guess I just didn't know what would happen in this situation, but now I know!

    What would you do if this happened? Have you ever seen someone litter and said something, even if it wasn't your home? Did I scare them too much? I mean I didn't touch any of them and didn't swear so I'm pretty sure I wasn't the wrong one here...what do you think?
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    one time i was looking out my window

    and it was like super snowy out side

    and there was this little short 5yr old (looked like it) walking down the street

    our newspaper dude is lazy and just leaves the paper at the end of your driveway

    and this kid was just walking up the street taking peoples newspapers and throwing them up in the air real high closer to the peoples houses

    well...I didnt like this, and when he threw my paper, I was enraged. In a stoned tyrade, I furiously got my newspaper and approached the young man in an intimidating manner and proceeded to slap the shit out of him with my newspaper

    everything in that story is true except me slapping the shit out of him. but kids these days are douche bags and i rewally wish i would have!!

    next time he does that im gonna get him down on the ground and make him lick dog shit
  3. ^^ so basically you're pissed off at a little kid for making it easier for you to get your newspaper?
  4. lol was he trying to help?
  5. Thats mad disrespect. I'm not going to talk about what I would do. Be careful in some areas of town man if any of yall do shit like that, some people pull a gun and start shooting.
  6. Yeah I can only hope they learn from it. If it was a group of adults I'm sure I would have reacted differently.
  7. Yea, I used to do that when I was a kid and when some homeowner got mad at me I was so confused as to why.
  8. I'm sure as a child you probably were just trying to help lol.
  9. No, I meant I was confused as to why homeowners would get upset at me.
  10. lmao thats pretty funny
  11. I kind of felt old doing it, lol...I guess I am compared to them though.
  12. Probably would have done the same thing, nice job.

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