Caught smoking? run to the kiddie section =)

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  1. idk why im remembering this now but im pretty stoned and the memory of this situation made me laugh out loud. one time in 9th grade me and my friend were in cleveland and we couldnt find anywhere to toke. it was a nice day in the summer, so we decided to sit down in some random ghetto house's backyard and toke out of his mini bong. So were sitting ther tokin and all the sudden we hear, "Ova there, they kids be doin drugs!!!" At first, I thought I was just trippin out and nobody even said it. Me and my friend look at each other as he takes another rip, and the second he finishes milking it, he blows the hit out and says, "SHIT DUDE LETS RUNNN!!!" I frantically took one last rip so as not to waste any dankness and then we started sprinting away, dumping the bong water out as we were running. I shoved the bong in my friends backpack and we kept running and running. We looked behind us to see the most massively huge woman ever running after us. We were scared shitless so we ran across the street to a nearby library. My friend- "Quick dude where should we hide!?!" Me- "Dude the kiddie section!, theyll never look in there." So we ran over to the kiddie section, baked out of our gourds, and popped a squat in the ridiculously tiny chairs that were meant for 5 year olds. We chilled there for what seemed like 10 minutes, but we looked at a clock and a half hour had passed since we got to the library. Btw, the fat lady never did find us :smoke:
  2. hahahah lol! thats gotta be funny
  3. Haha that's awesome.
    Have you posted this before? I think I remember reading it, specifically the "ova there, they doing drugs!" part.
  4. that reminds me of the story of the play place in mcdonalds

    haha, in mcdonalds at like 10:30am i orderd food and they said it was gonna be 20 minutes because the fyer was busted, i was slick, i pulled out a cigarette and was like i am going for a smoke i ll brb, as i step outside i grab my j, i spark it and get pretty high fast, 5 mintues goes by and like 30 kids come walking in, it was a birthday party they walk by me as i am smoking, there mom is ordering food or something and i am about to ash my jay i see a cop car just str8 creeping, i wasnt holding a lot but i wanted to keep it, so i calmly walked inside and ducked into the play room, i look up as i see the cruiser race to the other exit, and a cop rush right thru the lobby, full blitz zig zagin (no pun) thru rows of kids, i am in the ball pit. OH the story aint done, i am completly navy seal in the ball pit, next thing i know i am getting crushed my 15 kids who all jumped in at once i jumped up and was like ARGHH all i remember is seeing the face of this scared little girl as i grabed my food and walked out, took off my sweater and just chilled laughing.

  5. idk I think might have I posted it in the "high in places you arent supposed to be" thread a while back but I think it definitely deserves its own thread. That story ^^ about Mcdonalds made me laugh really hard :smoke:
  6. dude that is fucking hilarious. great getaway too!
  7. rofl

    Man the greatest stoner movie of all time could be written by just compiling GC stories

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