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Caught Smoking In Dorm

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ayeyowhatup, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Earlier today, three of my friends and I were smoking in one of the friend's bathrooms in his dorm. He has his own bathroom and we thought we would be fine because we had a sploof and were spraying air freshener. Right when we were about to wrap up, the police came knocking on the door and the marijuana wouldn't flush. There was only a little bit though. They asked to search the room and they found our gravity bong in the bathroom. When asked who's marijuana it was we said it was all of ours and the police flushed it because he said it wasn't very much. I said that the grav was mine and he said I could possibly be charged with paraphernalia. He said he wouldn't have us go to jail, but we're going to have to talk to the Dean of Students next week and we could be kicked out of the dorms. What do you guys think will be the outcome? WIll we be kicked out of the college, the dorms, or just get a little slap on the wrist? Not fun.
  2. Next time, act 18.
  3. Your screwed bro
  4. Consider yourself lucky you didnt at least get a simple possession charge.

    Might get kicked out of the dorm. Depends.
  5. Read up on your schools marijuana policies. I was in a similar situation my freshman year and ended up losing housing credits and was put on probation for a semester. On top of that a 175$ fine.
  6. If you go to school where I go, you're getting kicked out for sure. But, idk schools are all different.
    If it was a homemade gravity bong, you should had said you all made it at the time to smoke not claimed it.
  7. I'm sorry I can't give you a straight answer. In my school, you need to be caught three times (you get an "academic write-up") then you get kicked out, but before I transferred they would have kicked me out of the dorms. Another of my friends got ratted on, searched and kicked out of the school completely.
  8. You're definitely going to experience some type of consequence, but at least the weed was flushed. I'm guessing the chances of you getting charged with any kind of possession are out the window. If the officer said he "could" charge you, that means he probably won't. If he wanted to, he would've done it right there. Put on your good school boy outfit when you go to your meeting and paint a wonderful picture of how you regret your actions and how it will never happen again. I don't know if you will get kicked out of your dorm or not though.
  9. damn bro what were you smoking out of? have towels under the door? hot shower water and soap on the floor? gotta take all the precautions.
    if its your first fofense it'll probably just be a fine though, you'll be good
  10. Someone called the cops on you, that's fucked up. Only a pussy ass bitch would do that shit.

    You shouldn't have answered the door, let that fat pig wait there till he gets a search warrant. Remove the window screen, jump out the window if you have to, shut it, and by the time they get in you'll be gone.
  11. Yeah it depends on where you live, how big a campus, and their tolerance. If it's like mine, you'll go before a student council and they evaluate your gpa, etc. You could and probably will be put on academic warning or probation. Not to be a dick but dude... Don't be a dumbass and put your neck on the line to get high.

    You're lucky it got flushed, if you have any federal grants, maybe even state/federal scholarships, you are required to pay them back the money. And I know my grants were $5600/year.

    You need to be studying anyway.
  12. one thing is pretty much for sure, you might possibly be getting evicted from the dorms.

    as for fines if it wasn't really THAT much and you didn't have pieces and whatnot in plain sight, you shouldn't get anything really..besides the eviction of dorms(colleges hate going through law enforcement, it's a lot of trouble for stupid stuff they see EVERYDAY) so just go in there, give them the old fake tears if needed but just apologize.
  13. The dean knows how weed is used in college, I'm sure they're all well aware people smoke weed in college. My guess it's no big deal. Worst outcome you gotta find a roomate and an apartment off campus.
  14. they are without a doubt going to throw you into a bottomless pit and run a train on your sister. good goin man! :smoking:
  15. That's pretty fucked up that someone called the cops on you (because there's no way they were in your campus by chance). Hope for the best but expect the worst. That's all I can say man.
  16. #16 pbuilder, Nov 30, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2011
    wtf... wow. Your first mistake was even allowing them in to search, that is against the law without a warrant (unless their is different rules for dorms), and your second mistake was not hiding your shit..? Seriously, what do you mean it wouldn't flush...

    You could a chucked it out the window, ate it, stuck it up your ass, hid it SOME WHERE... And a gravity bong is pretty easy to take a part if I'm it's what I'm thinking it is, considering u know... it's just a bucket and a pop bottle...

    I really don't even know what to say man, try not being a retard next time I guess.

    --There is no reason to call him retarded--
  17. That sucks. Should have just busted a loop and hot boxed.
  18. You may get a slap on the wrist if you all take seperatw charges. Like it was someones bud, somones bong, somones pipe. And if they just flushed the herb then its no biggie on the possesion. You MAYBE will get a slap on the wrist but you probably will get kicked out of dorms not the school
  19. Last time I checked that is how 18 y/o's act
  20. The deans going to ass rape you.

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