Caught Smoking By Neighbor

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DuckOnQuack, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Yes, as a matter of fact I do expect that you should be able to support yourself at 18, and yes I did it, in fact I did it at age 17! And that was over 20 years ago. I guarantee you that at my age I've gone through a ton more crap than you have at age 21, and I can make those assumptions because I've lived almost twice as long as you have. It is your own myopia stating that kids today can't strike out on their own. If you're OK with being tied to your parent's apron strings, then again, that's YOUR problem. But it's pretty pathetic to read the same shit over and over, how kids want to smoke and be free, but yet don't want to respect their parent's rules

    You can't have your cake and eat it too. Believe me it wasn't easy to be on your own when I did it, and I had plenty of friends who stayed at home. But they didn't whine about it nearly as much as today's kids do.

    Blackhawk parents are ruining your generation, and you're too delusional and protected to even understand why that's bad.
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    Wildwill shut the fuck up, your a little self righteous bitch, since when was he whining about living on his own, you just start unnecessary arguments, and overall you just seem like a person who lacks basic social skills, FUCK YOU

    Name-calling is not welcome here. -JD
  4. to op: thats pretty sick, i recently found a new neighbor of mine to toke with

    and to the hijackers, some of the people you say should move out right at 18 may stay with their parents because they want to be able to stay in high school and not have to also work full time to support themselves. i think after high school the child should move out, but as long as they are in school i think the smarter thing to do is to stay at home. now this is different than the slacker 20 year old that never moved out.
  5. There you go again, with this "I did it, so that means you can too" bullshit.

    You don't know shit about me or what I've been through. Just because you have lived longer than I have doesn't mean that I haven't had a hard time.

    Again, I do NOT live with my parents and haven't since I was 18.

    What you are not grasping is the fact that shit isn't the same for my generation as it was for yours. Even if the kid is 16 and just wanted to get a fast food job and put away his checks for when he turns 18, it's not that simple anymore. There arn't always options.

    I do agree that a parent shouldn't allow their child to leech off of them if they are not trying to become self-sufficient. HOWEVER, there is a difference between a slacker and someone who just can't find a good enough job to obtain a life of their own.
  6. Ok ladies, no need to get your panties in a knot.

    Lets be mature about this.


    Name calling : serious no-no.
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    Everyone the OP put the words gave in quotation marks for a reason. He doesnt want to talk about selling on the internet which makes sense to me.

    Wildbill you are fucking moron. Congradulations you moved out when you were 17. Big fucking deal. That is not a big accomplishment by any means. You are argument that because you moved out early, everyone else should too is more dumb then the stuff that comes out of Sarah Palin's mouth. Everyone has different circumstances. It sucks that your parents didnt love you and kicked you out of the house early. Other people have better parents. There is a big difference between living at home when you are 30 years old and living at home when your in college. Im sure you daughter is going to love so much when you tell her to get out of the house.
    The O.P isnt complaining about his parents bieng on his case or anything of that sort. He just made a point that he doesnt want them bieng suspicious of him which im sure most people here understand.
    If there is anything worse then people who have no responsibility, its people that go on the internet and attempt to teach other people "responsibility". No one gives a shit!

    Name-calling is not welcome here. -JD
  8. Ye, no doubt.

    Ha sounds chill buddy. For 4 grams and living on the same street i woulda blazed em up....but theres always next time ay.

    Blazing up the alley across the street, something i used to do alot back in the day.
    Still do a bowl outback my car. The fresh air and moving around is always relaxing. Got me walking around more instead of just sitting around.
  9. Man what a great story. I've always wanted that to happen to me. Seriusly I want some random ass person I have never met and ask me to smoke or some shit. Although you never know if somebody is with the pigs itd be so funny looking back on that. LMAO

    Anyways, nice story man. Pretty chill neighbors and what not. Plus you have a new "friend" to "give" weed. Haha. :smoke:
  11. This thread is messed up guys. Chiiiiill out :smoking:.
  12. and then the robots attacked the road, and spaceships blew up over earth.
  13. Now THAT is why I love smoking, meeting people you would never think smoke and bonding and chilling. Great stuff man it sounds like you had an awesome dayy.
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    Wildbill is a major cunt.

    Name-calling is not cool here, dude. -JD
  15. You can't talk about selling here. :wink: :wink:

  16. Oh yeah grow up....

    Move out.....

    Maybe Ill get a bitchn job at McDonalds! OR Ooooo Wendy's :rolleyes:

    Hell maybe Ill even be able to afford one book on my meger pay check for my non existant class with my non existant paid tuition for lack of FINANCES!:mad:

    Unlike you Not all of us are granted money by the state for college or given a nice trust fund or job by the rents to "move out." Some of us rely on them for education or a helping hand to get out of the slums man.

    Some of us dream of a better life and sometimes that life requires help and we know how to get there.

    So what you speak of maybe good for the minority that can afford it but for the majority of us today who dont have the spair change due to the "economy (god I know its SO not a factor in one's income or life pffffffft)" what you speak is utter bullshit :mad:
  17. you have to hate on him simply he was avoiding trouble in the future? he didnt want his mom asking him what he was doing in her house so he avoided it ... simple.
  18. This thread is just a giant flamefest so I'm going to close it now.

    Name-calling and disrespect are against the rules, people.
    If you disagree with someone and want to share your opinion, do it respectfully or don't do it at all. :rolleyes:
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