caught smoking bud not sure if im in trouble

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Killed ur blunt, May 2, 2011.

  1. Me and 3 friends were smoking a blunt while taking a nice stroll near woods, as we pass by a pond i see a cop pulling out with his bike and I tell my friend to toss the blunt clip (which we put inside a smoking stone a type of 1 hitter). We make it back to my dorm area safely, the cop didnt even follow us. I wanted to finish smoking so I had a cigarette and went back for the stone and the clip with my friend. After searching for about 10 minutes we find it and proceed to smoke the clip, as we are walking the 2 pigs wait for us in pitch darkness and shine their lights at us out of no where. They took down my name, dorm adress and phone number. I was super baked and I hear them say something about charging us with burning marijuana in public which was a class D misdemeanor or some bullshit but I was too stoned to comprehend. They then told me I was on "house arrest" and not to leave my dorm for the night but they didnt give me any papers or read my miranda rights so im assuming im probably not in trouble. Oh and they obviously took the stone at least the blunt was all smoked =)
  2. lol i would have sat outside of my dorm ALL NIGHT LONG

    and i've totally been to that whole too high to comprehend you're english situation lol got me arrested once upon a time
  3. Cops that get marijuana users, not dealers, in trouble are douchebags
  4. they asked us like 10 times "who sold you the weed, are you going to cooperate or not". After the 10th time and the 10th silence they just gave up lol...
  5. really ? Well thats odd, the last few times I got caught by cops, they just took the weed (probably wanted to smoke it lol) and each time I got caught with atleast an eight, but since it's for personal use, they dont give a fuck usually haha. Only a cop took my name one time for having a quarter of weed on me.
  6. Canada is different, the cops around my college aren't that horrible but im assuming they did this because they were obviously patrolling the very popular smoking woods area to catch people smoking weed. There would be no other reason for them to be there. The purpose of this thread is for someone to tell me if Im in possible trouble or not which im still not too sure about.

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