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Caught Smoking at College

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eur0k1d, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. So me and a few buddies were smoking a few bowls in this guys dorm....and apparently the towel under the door didn't stop the smell of getting into the hallways. After about an hour, we get a knock on the door and after we open it we see that it is the campus police. Luckily we didn't have any bud left, but the room was baked and we had a bubbler and glass pipe. I go to a liberal arts school and this is my first time getting in trouble at all. Anyone have any idea what might happen now? Or has anyone been in this situation before?:confused:

    Edit: The case will not go to he police, but the consequences will be decided solely by the school.
  2. I dont have much knowlege on the subject, as i didnt go to college but it all depends on what school you go to. I happen to know a couple 420-friendly schools. if you dont mind me asking, what college did you go to?
  3. first of all, you ONLY put a towel under the door? That is nowhere near enough to get rid of the smell.

    Open a window
    Set fan up
    Make a sploof (tube with dryer sheets in it)
    blow smoke through sploof through fan

    I smoke everyday with patrols on my floor and never been caught with this system.

    Best option is to get a vape but those are expensive (I did get one over break though ;))
  4. Exactly what the guy above said. Although with the sploof, it's better to buy carbon pellets from a pet store, put them in an empty bottle and do it that way, the dryer sheets aren't as effective imo.
  5. If you get kicked out of a liberal arts school for smoking some ganja I will be truly shocked. haha
    I am sure you will just be put on probation or something.
  6. Don't smoke in your or your friends dorm. They can kick your ass out of school for that and take the money you used for school. No refunds. Not a wise idea.
  7. Ozium works great along with timdogs idea you can smoke in peace. smoke on:smoking:
  8. incense works for me both at dorm and at home. I buy these big ass fucking incense called blunt power. Covers up the smell like a charm. Though people around your dorm will be able to say you burn a lot of incense.
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    A lot of colleges have a 1 strike policy when it comes to weed... if your caught your out and possibly you will no longer be eligible for federal aid and also no refunds and you could be black listed for other colleges. the weird thing is most of those colleges that have a 1 strike policy usually have a 3 strike policy for alcohol which makes no sense.

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