Caught Shoplifting

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ChronBong, Jun 6, 2013.

  2. You have a walmart in a mall?

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  3. My mom got caught shoplifting at Walmart on felony probation how to do 60 days in jail

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    Their prices are already jacked up. Even though they say they have low prices. They are still increasing the retail prices a substantial amount.
  5. When i was 16 i was caught stealing from big y.
    I was working out at the schools gym and my dad was too lazy to bring me home instead he was at a friends house drinking beer so i had to walk. I live neer a big y and decided to go in inside and eyed a box of rubbers. I had no money so i decided to pocket them. And i was suprised actualy because i was in and out in under 3 minutes but somehow they saw. I walked quickly outside and someone somehow was already there and said "excuse me sir id like you to come with me. Do you know what this is about?" and i thought there was no point in lying so i said yeah. I wish i just booked it once i saw him but i have no idea what caused me to follow him. It basicly happened just how i expected it they took me in a little room made me fill out a paper had the cops show up and called my dad to pick me up. Then my dad made me explain it to my mom and the fact that it was condoms made it so much embarrising.
  6. did OP ever say what he stole? 
  7. O.P stole a drug test kit I believe.

    Ah shoplifting those were the days, I used to steal so much from the age of 14 - 17 but only ever from huge corporation super markets so I never felt bad about it knowing they make literally billions of dollars worth of profit each year.  It was best in England I used to have my school blazer and a massive parka coat and every friday me and my friends used to wag school and go to the super market and just rob a shit load of candy, chocolate, drinks you name it.  I'd get at least $15 worth each time and never got caught, good times, shame you got caught man.
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  8. Moral of the story...?
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  9. I've stolen thousands worth of stuff over the years, mostly games and expensive clothes - but only from places racking in the dough. They deserve it after what they've contributed to the slaughter of small businesses over their lifetime.
    I support my local businesses.
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  10. Wait, i'm so confused or maybe im just high

    You where caught doing a drug test in their bathroom?
  11. OP are you a brotha?
  12. OP rolls with black panthers, hes a down brother
  13. Gonna be a bitch looking for any kind of job that requires trust from now on.
  14. I'm in the process of getting a job now. Not sure if they've done a background check though. And I just took the test yesterday. I pray my urine isn't faulty.
    Welcome Mcdonalds style
  16. Fuck wally world....shit be a ghetto ass hangout late nites up by my way...Dudes takein turns ridein the lil hoverrounds they have n shit....HA! good luck with you shit bro....Just remember if you cant afford it, work for it set a goal.....Cut my grass next time, i give a couple bucks......
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  17. Don't listen to the jackasses ^^^.

    Anyways, I'm sorry to hear that. I was caught shoplifting at JCP a couple years back. Was under 18. The Loss Prevention team waited for me to leave the store (as a rule), I was walking out, and a woman and a man came up on both sides and said "excuse me ma'am can you come with us" or something like that. I looked around, and decided that I running would mAke it worse.. (Later I decided that I should've run, because they're legally allowed to pursue you, but they're not allowed to tackle you or use force, Otherwise their case would go to hell, and they wouldn't have wanted to make a scene in a mall, but too late now) so I denied their accusations but went with them. They took all my info and a sheriff came in and tried to call my parents, they were away, and gave me a 'citation'. I left, and the citation said I had to appear in court. So I made an appointment and the court gave me a class to go to, being my first offense, and it was under 150 dollars, it was kind of like group therapy. After that, it was all gone from my rec (I believe..) and done with. My mom was pissed, but I got off scot free..

    So, they may give you an alternative.

    Good luck. Also, don't shoplift at stores that have loss prevention. They take their shit seriously ha. Walmart, Walgreens, JCP, Macy's, target, basically any big chain store. Small family stores are usually safe. If they Catch you, they just try to confront you or don't do anything and you can run and get away with it.
    I haven't done much shoplifting since then but I'm more careful if I do..
    Life's a bitch. :(
  18. ive only been caught a couple times, but overall i stole about $500 worth of cds and dvds from this shop and sold them at school, people would give me lists of what cd's and dvd's they wanted and i would get them for them. i also used to frequent service stations and steal family sized chocolate blocks and porn magazines.

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