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  1. Well, title says it all. I got caught shoplifting at Walmart..pretty stupid move on me i know but now I'm getting a misdemeanor for theft. I have to go to court in July and this is my first offense. And i am a good kid, just really stupid..

    The cop said since its my first offense, the court will probably just give me diversion but my mom is freaking out and is thinking of the worst. I'm not allowed on the mall property and any Walmart for that matter I believe.

    Anyone here who's gotten misdemeanors and had to deal with the law that could tell me what you went through? Specifically for theft would be more helpful. And what I'd be getting myself into with diversion? I'm aware state laws are different but any info would be good. Thanks.

    And please don't bash me for the crime. None of us are perfect and there are people that have done much worse. I learned my lesson but now Im facing te consequences like a man
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    Aren't diversion programs for kids? I was in one about 3 years ago and was the oldest out of a group of 45. I was 16 at the time. In my state, I had a buddie who had a solid 3.7 in college at the time and got charged with the same charge for stealing an iPod. No prior record or anything and he got his charge with out the chance of diversion.
  3. A, lot of fines and community service. That's my guess anyways.
  4. Sucks man happend to me when I was 14
  5. Just want to say good luck man. I've never been in trouble with the law so I'm not sure how that kind of stuff works. Diversion programs generally mean if you don't violate your probation for a set amount of time the charge will be dropped from your record. So don't mess up.
  6. Criminal with no history, cuz I know when to retreat! haha.
  7. What state are you in?
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    fines, apology letters, possibly jail tour and community service and maybe some classes
    honestly, you should have hauled ass once you found out you were caught, and never showed your face again
  9. Considering he just turned 18 like 3 weeks ago he might get lucky and get a minor program.
  10. Dude... Chill Out
    Its your first offense ..nothing will REALY happen
    just ride trough this one.  Because if something bad was going to happen
    It would've already.
  11. I'm in Vermont. And what I did was take a drug test in their bathroom. I walked out and I guess they followed me out and got my license plate number when I left. About 20 minutes after I got home I get a ring on the doorbell and I look out the window and see a cop car in my driveway. I knew instantly.

    I talked to my cousin cause he went through diversion but it was for POM and PMB so idk if I'll get worse or not. He said when he went to court all it was was meeting his diversion officers. No trial I guess. But if I comply with them and when I complete it, my record will be cleared after two years if I don't fuck up again. Idk if they will give me fines or community service until I go to court.

    Do you guys think I'll get drug tested even if the crime wasn't drug related? Unless they consider stealing a drug test drug related...
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    Just curious what did you steal and how did you get caught
    Edit: I didnt read your post, that sucks though never would imagine walmart would track your license plate and get police involved. Was there cameras in the bathroom?
  14. Are you retarded?
  15. also another question, if I go on diversion and they decide to drug test me, will they give me time before I start having to go in for it? my cousin said that they give you time to clear up your system. im not sure I believe that but will I get to schedule when I go in and decide when to start at all. I want to start up smoking again since im being tested tomorrow for a job but I don't want to have to go through the whole detox process again to get clean. its too stressful. and I hope this doesn't fuck up my chances of getting the job. I gave them all of my application but they just have the drug test now
  16. Nope are you?
  17. Bathrooms are like the number one spot they watch for shoplifters.
  18. Absolutely not.
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    Cool I guess neither of us are
  20. Who shoplifts from walmart lol

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