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Caught myself on fire at 1AM -_-

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by youngstoner, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. So I was cleaning my bubbler with ISO and salt and I spilled ISO all over my hand and didn't wanna clean it up so I decided to burn it off. Bad idea my whole arm engulfed in flames and caught my pajama pants on fire -_-
  2. bahahahaha that's great man!
  3. so you just admitted to us you are really really stupid?

  4. [quote name='"DAVlD"']so you just admitted to us you are really really stupid?


    This was before I even smoke ^_^ I'm alot smarter when I'm high. Plus I was half awake what did you expect.
  5. Lol dumbass :D
  6. idk use a towel or something.. i mean shit even if you do the axe thing you still need to put it out or it will burn you..

    wish you got that on video though lol that's would be amazing.
  7. Seems like a reasonable thought process.
  8. Not even a flesh wound :D. Just alot of missing arm hair haha
  9. maybe you have found a way for male swimmers to not have to shave.

    i know i would have rather done that then shave for the championship.
  10. Are you retarded?
  11. what the fuck do you expect us to discuss about this??? nice job burning yourself?
  12. Damn, I figured it was like the lighter flame caught your hair on fire (happened to me while hitting a bong many times..)

    I almost burned my house down a couple weeks ago, I was using a torch lighter to heat up my glass wand to hit some hash.. the table top torch lighters have this button you can push to keep the flame continuous so you don't have to hold the lighter button as it takes 30 seconds or so to heat up the glass wand, and I had it pushed.. and knocked over the torch lighter while it was shooting a giant fucking flame out, I literally reach out and caught the lighter somehow without burning myself just as the flame was about to hit the blanket on my bed..
  13. [quote name='"x420xImNotSober"']Are you retarded?[/quote]

    No. I'm just really lazy haha.
  14. Idk, there's lazy and then there's retarded.. trying to burn iso off yourself is much closer to retarded..
  15. So wait:You spilled iso on your hand, which is highly flammable, and instead of wiping it off with a towel you lit your hand on fire? Wow.....just wow
  16. I could see it happening. But not to me. Probably should of wiped it off with a shirt. but whatever, you aren't hurt.
  17. In my defense it was 130 AM and the towels were all the way up stairs.
  18. Do it again and record it, thanks my man.
  19. Totally trying this man!
  20. the replies to this are amazing

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