Caught making Woodshop Paraphernalia

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  1. Story time!


    Wall of text ahead.

    It's 9:30, I'm moving onto my next period, and of course it's woodshop. For the most part, I've been pretty good at constructing the projects we do and if i'm not the first done, i'm the second.

    I finish up my project that we've been working on, and I realized that I'm the only one finished while the next person to finish is still 5 steps behind. Trust me, I don't know what I was really thinking but I decided to try and make a wooden pipe after smoking from just joints. I guess I must've been fiening for variety or something.

    I start making my pipe, it's looking like a beauty, at least for using a bandsaw, sandpaper, and a drill press. I'm working on the bowl, and I decide that I might just make a one-hitter for my first pipe.

    I finish up the bowl and I am literally one step away from perfection. I have to connect the pathway from the mouthpiece to the bowl with a tiny (1mm?) bit. As I look around, I notice people are still far behind so it's nothing out of the ordinary that I'm hogging the machine. I'm starting to replace the bit so I can finally press this into the pipe. I pull the lever (it lowers the spinning bit) and right as I was 1cm, one-fucking-centimeter, from the mouthpiece, my teacher calls my name.

    At this point I'm shitting bricks. Legit, stone, bricks. He comes over and tells me to give him what I am making. I told him I was making a wooden spoon (like a legit spoon) and he tells me "Even though I was born in the 60s, I'm not that stupid." He now proceeds to tell me about how creating drug paraphernalia is not the best idea to do in a school. Surprisingly, I wasn't written up or referred, he was actually pretty chill with it. He said that my choice of wood (I believe I was using pine) was not the keenest and my craftsmanship was not on point. He then proceeded to critique it like a judge or something, haha.

    Moral of the story, don't be retarded and make pipes in school. Also, refrain from making shanks, wooden knuckles, and calling a staple gun your "heater".
  2. I wonder how often this happens in woodshop class
  3. Haha he probably did you a favor
  4. [ame=]beavis and butt head - woodshop - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Exactly how I made one back in the day hahaha. Little fucker was good in a pinch haha plus it was good if out and about and I had to ditch it I wouldn't mind.
  6. I'm sure woodshop teachers deal with this all the time. I went to high school in the south, and we had FFA (future farmers of America), which was part metalworking class. We used to weld metal bowls together, my friend made an especially nice steamroller from a socket, and a straight tube. The teacher caught him and simply said "I hope that socket was from home" :laughing:
  7. For sure! I'm glad he doesn't take his job seriously. I know some teachers that would get the DARE officer on your back for as little as saying weed.

    I'm still trying to make a pipe :devious: but I figure that since he was cool with me even making a pipe, i'll just try when a substitute comes in :D.

    Haha, I hope it's not just us who were lucky :D .
  8. my friends got caught doing that in ceramics, got suspended ahahaha. my schools strict
  9. I did it while there was a sub lmfao

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