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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TazMJ420, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. here we go. i had just discovered the glories of weed. so like a lot of newbies, i jumped in and went crazy. i skipped school 4 like a week straight 2 toke. me and my friends had found a ceremonial spot near the school behind a evangalistic church. ironic dont u think? so the day which will live in infamy, me and my bud had just smoked and eaten some krystals (chili cheese fries never tasted so good) and he wanted 2 smoke some more. i happily consented so we headed 2 the church. big mistake. we were riding in his dads car so we had 2 get rid of the trash. he started throwin the trash out the door onto the ground. then, outta no where, a door 2 the church opens. out comes a stuttering priest wearing a purple glitter suit. he says, "wh-wh-what r u ga-guys doin?" we look at each other in complete surprise. "p-p-pick that up". we dutifully did it knowing that he didnt no we had smoked. this was a mistake and every1 can learn a lesson from this. if u r ever caught in a comprimising situation with certain increminating evidence, run. as long as its not the cops, run. it will benifit u in the long run. so after we had picked all the trash up(which was a lot bcuz we had been stoned and hungry) he walks over 2 the car and asks 4 our parents numbers. we were hesitant and then he looked in the car and saw the bong and eighth we had left. so then he said give me the numbers or i will call the cops. we immidiatly gave up the numbers and he called the cops anyway. so he tells our parents that we had skipped school behind a church 2 smoke weed. they both arrived at the church just in time 2 c the cops roll up. the cops hand cuff us and put us in the back of the cars(they r so uncomfortable). worst of all was my buds lil brother was with his mom and he saw me get put in the back of the car. eventually the cops filed the warning and let us go into parents custody. i had 2 quit my job and my rents made me go 2 therapy 4 it. it hasnt woked and i am proud 2 say that i am still enjoying gods gift. that was the worst buzz kill i have ever had tho.
  2. man that sucks.. if i were you, i would have jumped in the car and just left real quick. and never keep anything incriminating in clear sight. too bad, man, but be more careful next time.
  3. I would advise you to make sure you don't leave illegal items in plain view of anyone that could call the cops, don't drive in cars with pipes or paraphenalia or more than what you can smoke in a sesh or eat if you have to.
  4. what an asshole priest. what happened to the bong and herb? did the popo confiscate it? also.. what are 'krystals'?
  5. Man krystal burgers are great. You can get a sack of 12 for like 5 bucks. For those who don't know, Krystals is the equivalent of White Castle. They serve small cheap stoner burgers that are excellent for the munch.

    Happy Tokin
  6. Hmm...damn it...I had steak last night and now you got me wanting a burger.
  7. wow man, that sucks. but you gotta realize how bad of a spot that was to smoke in the first place. your skipping school to smoke, thats fine cause its a favroite pasttime ofmine. but whyd you skip school to smoke at a location right by the school? You should find a place where you can skip and smoke without having to worry about shit like that happening man.
    anyways, glad to hear your still tokin after gettin caught, it shows someones true liking of weed.
  8. Don't skip school to toke man. Keep your priorities in line, and be more careful...and I hope everything works out alright.

  9. Yeah, skipping school to blaze, or just for a lack of something better to do, got the best of me. Not worth it, just tough out high school, no matter how boring you may find it.
  10. lol, your whole story sounds like a bad anti drug commercial ;)

    I'm not ragging on you just be more careful and remember that you're going to have to treat the herb as a privelige not a right as long as it's illegal. This means going out of your way to stay out of trouble even if tempting fate seems easier and more comfortable.
  11. hey man, 2 things that are blatantly stupid... throughing trash out your doors in a moving car for one... litering is bad! lol and skipping school to smoke ? bad idea. anyways don't let the shrink get to you, keep up the toking, you only live life once. good luck and peace.
  12. littering and littering, and littering, and littering..and smoking the reefer

  13. I bet he molests little boys, too. That's faaaaaaaaaar worse than smoking ganja. DAMN the man, save the herb!

  14. lmao...i loved that movie
  15. dude...thats harsh well hopefully u learnd your lesson hahaaha i think every stoner has goofed up before and done stupid things like skip school....but we all eventually learn are lesson
  16. i was driving with my parents today on an arterial, and i threw a paper lollipop stick out the window and the STOPPED THE CAR on this big arterial and made me get out and pick it up....lame.
  17. yeah, i never leave anything in plain view, no matter where i am. i as soon as im done smoking, i stash away mypiece and herb. ill stop by my place first and do that if i can cause if i get pulled over and caught...fuck. that'd be bad
  18. You are lucky. Im surprised the police let you out. When I was busted by the police for possession I was kept in jail for a few days then let out on 150 dollar bond. After which I was put on one years probation and charged an assload of money.

    Anyways, can't wait for this year to be over so I can go back to my favorite lady and move out of this country.
  19. I used to skip school all the time to toke. Of course all I had to do was ask my parents and they let me, lol.

    Anyway, why didn't you just say "Fuck you" or something and take off. He tries to stop you beat his ass. Priest or not.

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