CAUGHT!! i need people's opinions

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  1. a little background info....

    i got caught by my dad recently, actually he just found my stash...
    Basically he took it all away and left a note where i kept it (under my sink) saying, if you wanna talk about it.... im an expert on pot.... be glad your mom isn't going to find out... blah blah whatever

    So my dad is kind of a closet stoner, all of his friends are open stoners and his favorite band is the greatful dead, and about a year ago i found HIS stash and whatever, (his weed is pretty good too by the way, i bumbed a few bowls of of him :hello:) i never confronted him about it because i also like smoking weed and i can relate...

    anyways so now after he found my shit hes been coming off as if he is against weed and thinks i shouldn't do it, i haven't talked to him about it but i think it is because i play competitive baseball and last year i didnt get very good grades, maybe he thinks weed will ruin my baseball career and or is the culprit of my grades....

    i know i am going to have to confront him some time about it and i think if i just tell him that im not the type of dude who just smokes all day everday (which im not) then he will understand, i usually just smoke on the weekends by myself or with a couple friends and just chill, ease my mind.

    but he also hid all of his things to a different spot thinking maybe id confront him or something...idk what really pissed me off is that my pipe had a huge bowl of the best nug i had left in it when he took it haha whatever.

    anyways my main question is, d you think i should talk about it and possibly have to deal with him being hypocritical? or just let it go because he doesnt REALLY care for the most part?
  2. Let him know its a weekend thing just like you said, he seems like the kinda guy that would understand.
  3. he's your dad, you live in his house, you should STFU. Once you have your own house and kids you can steal their pot and screw with them all you want. PS parents will always be hypocritical, it's always easier to criticize someone else.
  4. shut up.

  5. Yeah, shut up.

  6. Shut...

  7. shut up man
  8. I think based on this post an the posts replying to it that we can safely agree 90% of this thread had underaged users that still live with their parents.
  9. c-c-c-combo breaker
  10. Your Dad is struggling with it....on one hand he knows he enjoys some smoke now and then, but on the other he's worried that it might cost you in preparing for your life ( career) and he wants you to have more and have it easier than he did. give him a bit to discect this shit in his head. more than likely he'll eventually come to the conclusion that he's gonna have to let you make your own walk. Your missing items will probably show back up in a few weeks.
  11. definitely talk about it

    just tell him you only smoke some weekends and its not affecting your work

    he seems like an understanding person, and doesnt even seem pissed off, consider yourself lucky ;)
  12. Your dad squirted you out of his nutsack, if he knows pot is contributing to your bad grades (getting high and not doing your homework or coming to school baked) he knows. Have that talk with him, and I'm sure he's going to be more friendly about it then you think. He'll likely tell you he's chill with you smoking as long as you have your shit together, and might even offer to blaze with you.

    Have that talk with him.
  13. haha man be like yo pops gimme my shit back yo
  14. Yeah, your dad is definitely smoking your bud right now man.
  15. LOL that's exactly what I thought!

  16. I actually agree with you :D
  17. Oh please, you should neg rep all the other people who said it too. I cant beleive you agree with this guy who told the op to stfu for no reason, sure hes right, but he doesnt have to state the obvious the way he did. flame away.
  18. I told him to STFU to simply illustrate his best bet is to keep his mouth shut while he lives under his dads roof. It's all about picking your battles, arguing with your parents about the hypocricy of smoking weed while living under their house is like complaining about paying taxes when you've never worked or paid taxes in your life. Say you're sorry, keep your mouth closed and learn to smoke another day. and you should get some negative rep for being so negative to anyone elses opinion.
  19. Shut up dude

  20. I continue to agree with you ;)

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