Caught by ze cops

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  1. so friday i got my bartending license and certification and to celebrate myself, my boyfriend and my brother decided to go all out.

    picked up weed, headed to our place and since i just passed my mixology tests, i immediately started making drink after drink. we smoke up and i down about 3 long island iced teas along with a few shots and a beer and we get the idea to go to midnight bowling. my brother suggests a joint for the road so i roll one.

    after 2 hours of attempting to bowl drunk and high off our asses, my brother says, "yo lets smoke that joint." at first we figured we'd just toke up in the parking lot but he gets a better idea. "lets drive to the beach and smoke there."

    so we drive to the beach and pull up to the shore and hotbox the shit out of my brother's car. when we finish i stuff the roach in my purse because i like to empty it out in a bowl for later. no sooner are we about to pull up do i see a cop car pulling up behind us. "shit, we're fucked aren't we?" was all my brother could say.

    now, at first i thought we could talk our way out of it, and by we i mean my brother and boyfriend because at that point i was still hideously drunk. when the cop asked us to roll down the window, smoke fucking poured out like a cheech and chong movie. he asked for my brother's license, and as high as he was, he hands him his atm card instead.

    "step out of the car, please," the cop said. i stash the roach under the seat and then the cop comes to my window and asks me to step out. i try my best not to act drunk as i am underage but i don't hide it well. every question he asks my us, my brother answers one way and me the complete opposite.

    COP: "what're you guys doing out here tonight?"
    MY BROTHER: "visiting my mother"
    ME: "just driving around"

    "where's the weed? he already admitted to it and claimed it as his. just tell me where it is." i shoot a look to my brother because the weed is not his and i can't believe he risked his career for my sake and then i get the roach. the cop asks me to empty my pockets and then asks my boyfriend to step out.

    of course he HAD to wear a tshirt with a pot leaf on but luckily he had a sweater over it. anyway the cop looks at the weed and goes, "oh, it's just a roach?" he thinks for a minute and then grinds it up under his heel on the ground. he searches the front of the car and then hands us back our licenses. he looks to my brother, "are you high now?"

    and though he was blazed as shit my brother looked him in the eye and goes, "no, sir." the cop told us to head home and drive safe and asks, "please tell me you guys dont have a warrent out on you" and my boyfriend goes, "aside from that bank we robbed..." to our surprise the cop cracked up, warned us that if he sees us here again toking up there'll be no warnings and let us drive off.

    still can't believe how fucking lucky we were but i make sure never to have more than a couple grams of weed on me so the paperwork is more trouble to the cop than me getting booked is.

    won't be traveling with weed for a while, don't want to test my luck, but i am getting a fresh supply tonight!
  2. Haha fucking awesome. I'm glad to hear their is a cop out there that seems cool. You got lucky as hell, around here I'd prolly get a loitering fine for that, or worse if it was a city cop. Sounded like a good night though. Good story +rep

  3. THAT was hilarious! :laughing:
  4. WOW, looks like you got REALLY fucking lucky. Probably the one chill cop in your entire state.
  5. Haha damn, that cop is pretty chill :cool:
  6. u weren't near like seaside or tom's river right cause those bastard cops fucked me right in the ass straight up told me "if u guys just give up the weed, u can just go right on back home to ny" i hand him the weed get pulled out of the car yadda yadda yadda...

    jersey cops suck dick! good shit on finding a chill ass cop tho
  7. Glad to see one topic that doesn't keep shitting on cops, they're not all bad.

  8. are u a cop lol

    and the reason people "shit" on cops is cause most cops are DICKS/DOUCHES in situations where they dont have to be (blatant disregard of rights, etc)

  9. Guess it just comes down to your experience with them. All the cops I've met have been ok guys that would sooner do the stuff described in this topic than degrade you and ignore that you have rights.

    Perhaps I'm just naive though, I hope I don't have to learn the hard way :p.
  10. hahahahah I laughed so hard at the atm card thing.

    That made my day :)

  11. see i didnt know that! the cops in the area that i live are the 2nd highest paid cops in the united states.... and also the biggest douche bags i think ive ever met ive met cool cops before, i actually got pulled over by a undercover cop in a Charger and he was a cool dude.... every other time they fuck with u and do whatever they want cause they think they are the "law"
  12. lol it was pretty hilarious. still can't believe the luck we had.
  13. :laughing:

    You shouldn't be angry at the cops for the situation you vaguely describe here... cause you totally screwed yourself.
  14. wowow youre damn lucky a cop tried to put me in jail for 2 years for a little shake at the bottom of the bag when we werent even high

  15. hahah yeah i did i was young and at the time didnt have any run ins with the law so i trusted them when they said they'd let us go... they had no respect for us and completely entrapped me into giving my shit up like he straight up said "boys if there is anything in the car, just give it to us and you'll right back on ur way"

    o well haha
  16. you have a bar tending license and your under age?
  17. I love hearing stories like this, makes me know that somewhere out there, there are still decent cops. I love those kinds :D
  18. only gotta be 18 to serve/sell liquor. 21 to purchase/drink it where i am.

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