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  1. hey guys,
    im from a state uni in nj and i was recently caught with a joint
    i was taken to the station and fingerprinted and all that and given a court date
    they said it was for marijuana possession.
    what can i do to help myself at court.
    what should i expect at court in terms of sentencing and fines
    will there be any repercussions at school?
    thansk guys for you help.
    any help will greatly be appreciated.
  2. If this was a first time offense I would not really worry about it.
  3. Dress as professional as you can. Hair to shoes.
    Come prepared and in the right state of mind to be able to handle the mental discussion in the court room properly.
    Dont be late, and the Judge will most likely have an understanding and minimize punishment.


  4. does anyone know how long this will stay on my record and if there is a chance of ever getting it off of my record??
  5. hire a mj lawyer
  6. If it was your first offense and you only had a joint, you could definitely get it off your record.
    Its all about your lawyer and judge at this point really.
  7. Yeah you will be able to get it off your record. U should rly get a lawyer he will help you threw the whole thing and help get you educated on the system and it rly will help cause the system can easly fuck you in the ass.

    PS. A DUI doesnt get off your record for at least 10 years!
  8. if i aint mistakin its 3 years
    ye, you might have to drug tested once in a while and attend shit. never know, so live it up bud

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