caught by cops... what will happen to me

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dfhdhfwoee, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. so last night i was drinking at my buddy's party (under 21). i planned on crashing at my other friend's house who lives down the street. while walking home, cops rolled up on us. asking us a billion questions, we answered them all. then i am cuffed for no reason and breathalized which i presume to have failed. nothing was ever said to me, i do not know what my BAC was. apparently my friends i was walking home with had garbage bags and gardening shears. i was drunk at the time and do not recall this. they start forming this conspiracy that we were out trying to cut down weed plants. again, i do not recall any of this happening. but i am not involved in that type of shit.

    i had nothing on me and was eventually let go after being held in a room for 2 hours. my ride picked me up. i was not given a ticket but was told i will be receiving something in the mail.

  2. Court Date, nothing serious lol
  3. totally boned
    couple years in federal prison at least

  4. Probably a form letter asking for a donation. :D
  5. That's retarded. Damn pigs! How is it suspicious to walk down the streets with garbage bags and shears? :rolleyes: Whoever had that idea must not have thought about it too much haha
  6. i am really nervous, this is my first offence. what kind of penalties am i looking at
  7. also, like i said i was totallly unaware of what they had on them. i was smart enough to not have anything illegal on me or not have been doing anthing illegal besides drinking......
  8. Just relax man, if you didn't have anything illegal on you and you were drinking underage you'll probably just get an underage. If they didn't say anything to you and just took you away you may be able to fight it if you can prove it they didn't say anything or give you any info.
  9. cop story thread at the top, closing this. feel free to repost in there.
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