Caught by Cop-ters! How to hide?

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  1. I Googled that Kenaf it's amazing how it looks! It looks so similar it may draw some unwanted attention though...

  2. Do a search have a look at a flowering cleome , there good for backyard grows
  3. Haha :D That Klenaf looks TOO good! If you want my layman's opinion, if the cops are looking for pot patches and you have a patch of Klenaf, they might swing in for a much closer look--like by knocking on your front door.

    Same deal with the Cleomes. You may have a hard time convincing anyone that your Cleomes aren't pot plants, even if you're innocent and never grew pot in your life. Cops would figure it out pretty quick and nothing would happen to you, but...who needs helicopters hovering over their house, even if they aren't growing weed?

    I like the phony flower idea. You can buy all sorts of plastic plants and flowers at Michael's and other places. Hell, even plastic tomatoes might do the trick--everyone knows pot plants don't produce big red round fruit. Of course, the cops know that trick too...but if one lives in a populous area, it's almost ridiculous to think cops will zone in on one little patch of pot plants, particulary if they're at least half-concealed.

    Problem being, if one has pot plants mixed with Cleomes or Klenaf, one cannot prove his or her innocence by showing the cops the Klenaf patch. Close inspection of the plants plus the skunky odor would definitely put you in handcuffs. Now, if one had nothing but Klenaf, there'd be nothing to fear.

    Nothing to smoke, either :cool:

  4. One more thing about the plastic flowers, though. Putting big red or blue or yellow flowers on your plants WILL attract attention. Plus, it basically prevents you from hiding your plants amongst other green-colored plants.

    If you want to use plastic flowers, try putting the plants in a bed with flowers of VERY similar appearance. If you have plastic daisies, plant the pot in a daisy bed with a few other green plants (not pot) around it; if you have plastic roses, plant near a rosebush. Try very hard to match the color and shape of your plastic flowers to the color and shape of whatever flowers by which you will plant. Be creative...but still be careful :)

  5. Kenaf is used to make paper - I read about a farmer whose whole crop was burnt by the cops, who then had to pay him compensation.

    I have said this before, but it could be a good plan to rent a field and grow a huge crop of kenaf, tip off the cops, make them burn it, get maximum publicity and massive compensation. Now the next year .......
  6. LOL, now THAT would be something to see and hear ;)'s always, always the best policy to have NO COPS around. I don't care if some knife-wielding nut is whacking off into your backyard birdbath--NO COPS. There are few incidents that private citizens cannot, and should not, handle alone. No cops around, never never never. They aren't your friend, and will take every opportunity to bust your ass if it'll make them look good. If a cop lets you go, it's from pure laziness--too lazy to do the paperwork, too lazy to go to court, and so on.

    So planting flowering Cleomes may work well. Cops and just about everyone else knows that bud plants don't grow big purple flowers. Even from a few hundred yards up, from helicopter view, it's obvious the plants have purple or blue flowers. Just make sure you put the pot plants behind them, where they will be concealed but also in enough sunlight to make them grow.

    Don't worry, bro--I grew outside for several years, and nobody got wise. I didn't even use Cleomes or anything else--just careful, stragetic placement coupled with knowledge of the gas company's meter-reading schedule (the meter was 2 feet from my garden!!!) And unless you live out in the country, it's doubtful cops (it's usually the county Sheriff) are going to even fly anywhere near your house, let alone stop and look, or swoop down for a very close view, or even really notice, to be honest.

    Look, I know the cops are scary--they try their best to appear that way, and they're quite good at it. But remember, even if you DID get caught, it isn't the end of the world; and even if you DID happen to draw charges (which is doubtful in all but the most Medieval counties in the United States), it STILL isn't the end of the world. Court remains, and appeals, and all sorts of legal junk. 99% chance, unless you're growing a bigass patch of weed, they'll either throw out the case or let you off with probation; for a more serious charge, probation + time served.

    Don't worry. Few people are in prison for growing weed, and nobody is in jail for growing a small amount. Now, if you're planning on selling/distributing it, that's a whole different with which I cannot help you, for I only care about personal use.

    Worry not--I come from a long line of cops. I know their tactics, methods, and modes of operation. I know what they care about (crack, cocaine, meth) and what they don't (weed, acid, minor intoxication, etc). I also know that cops, barring the Hawaii and California task teams, are very lazy when it comes to ANYTHING marijuana-related. Seriously, it's likely you'd have to drag them out there to make an arrest for so few plants. That, or tell them a meth lab is on the premises. For that they WILL take you away in shackles, and you'll have few friends in the courtroom...

    Hope this helps.



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