Caught by Cop-ters! How to hide?

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  1. Okay, I watching the late news last night locally. About an hour south of me the Heli-Cop-Ters spotted 5 plants growing on a mans property. They immediately landed in a field on the connecting property. Approached the land owner about the 5 plants growing and he was immediately arrested. Said he is facing up to 6 years and $2500 in fines. Bail is set at $150,000...

    So how is the best way to grow outdoors and hide it from copters. Is there certain techniques of placement?
  2. Do NOT grow in the middle of a fuckin field. Imagine seeing a brown field with green monsters in the center. A little obvious. Grow near green bushes/ pricker plants, poison ivy even. Next to small trees. It blends in. They need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight. Basically, dont grow in the open.:cool:
  3. And spread them out. Don´t ever put a clump together.
  4. yeah, these were clumped together bu they where on the edge of a field surrounded bt raspberry bushes to keep intruders out. Fricken thorns! LOL! Plus from the picture of the guy on tv... it looked like he didnt even realize he was in jail... he was probably cookin meth too...

    OH YEAH! Here's the link to the story...
  5. The most important thing is to know what the aerial surveillance policy is in your state. I grow on the edge of a field, three to five in a spot, and i've been doing it for years. My father has been doing it since before I was born--i'm in my mid thirties now. You have to investigate police just like they investigate you. In my state there are no random checks by the state police--all surveillance is instigated by informer testimony. The National Guard, conversely, does aerial searches, but they concentrate their efforts in areas where they are likely to find large commercial ops--like national forests. So here we just keep our mouths shut and we're generally fine--knock on wood.
  6. And you surmise that he is a meth cook because he was caught and seemed disoriented? Did I miss something?

  7. Well his cheeks were sunk in and on the news it showed him walking with his chain gang, and he had a bunch of sores on his face like he had been cooking and the fumes where eating him alive. Just an asumption, he might just have scabies or chicken pox er sumpthin....?:D

  8. "...McCarter is free on four thousand dollars bond and is due in court on September 16th...."

  9. Gotta love that emmy award winning news team... Thanks Ron Burgandy! Kinda like our drunk weather man... he cant predict shit! We had kid go missing for about 5 years. The news "said" that every inch of the river had been searched 5 miles both ways on an annual basis. And 5 years into this search... a fisherman got the hook stuck on the kids car in the river about 500 feet from the boat ramp right off the bank of the river, his body was in it. (Scott Javens story):rolleyes:
  10. i think that the cops got lucky here. either that or they were completely in the open. 5 plants is nothing. why they would even bother going after it is beyond me. the cost it is going to take to prosecute and jail this man is far more than the damage and or the money he could have made if he sold his final product. seriously, does the punishment fit the crime here?? anyways, cops have a sophisticated Aerial spectrometer that can be used to detect the specific wavelengths of light given off by the cannabis plant. cannabis emits its own distinct wavelength of light and the sensors can tell. but that being said, it would still be hard for a computer to even find a needle in a haystack like this. it is a great machine for revealing larger plots together but scattered here and there, it would probably be alot harder for them to see that. typically i think its just people flying around on heli's looking down at the ground. its usually people experienced with the way people grow somehow. so just try to keep paths and trash to a minimum, tell no one and scatter your plants. you could have hundreds of plants as long as you scatter them appropriatly. never have more than 5 in one area especialy if it is heavily patrolled or your state has a specific take force just for pot that frequents your area. just be safe and use your head. peace love dope :smoke:
  11. Never heard much about the flux capacitor, lol, I mean spectrometer, but whenever I get paranoid I try to put things in perspective. Imagine one heli flying around over an endless sea of green fields and trees and brush. Imagine what things must look like from 500 feet which is the lowest they are allowed to fly until probabe cause allows them to swoop in for a closer look. IMO, people are too paranoid. Of course, it's better safe than sorry, but like you said green meany, we're talking about the tiniest needle in a statewide haystack. If you start searching online trying to find heli busts, you would be surprised how few you'll find--unless you live in a hot spot like the emerald triangle. Narrow your search to your particular county and I doubt you can find more than one a year in most counties. Paranoia will destroy ya--but then again, so will an extended stay in the state penitentiary...
  12. well there is no way to do it and not have to worry unless you look at it like this...if i get caught i will got to jail or prison..simple~!Thats how i look at it but ofcourse still dont be dumb about it either but just know and any point on time you could be getting hauled they will go after one plant in the middle of deep thick woods!I knew someone here that worked with operation bladerunner and showed me a picture of one plant in the midst of thick dense forest that they spotted from up high and you could see plant due to the light green ofcourse and it was only 6 and 1/2 feet tall!Try to grow and dark green strain if your that worried though with low odor and doesnt get to tall..especially the dark green aspect of it id say like a landrace Afghani!
  13. Exactly outlaw. If you can't do the time, don't do the fucking crime. Out.
  14. Welp, I guess next year I'll roll the dice. 2-3 plants per plot in an area in which they will get at least 5 hrs of sunlight per day. do a minimum of 5 plots max of 7 spread out among a 129 acre farm. Dense areas of woods... I'm not worried about doing the time if I get caught, the only thing that really worries me now is sexing and the damn deer in my area. :D
  15. Move to California
  16. Plant some Cleomes in and around your grow
  17. Cleomes

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  18. Good plan with the Cleomes...but if you really think about it, don't the Cleomes sort of make a small patch of pot look like a HUGE patch? I mean, the Cleomes are almost identical to pot plants, at least in the appearance of the leaves...

  19. go to the craft store, buy yourself an assortment of felt flowers and attach them to your plants, works real well for planting near your house in your garden, just make sure that the plants around them live long into the fall
  20. This variety of kenaf -


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