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Caught by apartment maintenance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gman7104, Sep 16, 2009.

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    Yesterday, me and 2 of my friends were smoking behind a storage shed in the apartments across the street for where I'm staying. (with my parents for now, which is the biggest problem) a maintenance worker rolls up next to us in a golf cart, probably because he wanted to do work on a storage room or something.

    Either way, my friend, who is super paranoid when high (we were all high as FUCK by now) gets all freaked out and peeps over the side, and the guy sees him. He comes around the other side and my friend books... so I decided to run too since I figured we were screwed regardless, if he didn't see me nothing would happen. We thought we were safe, but then He pops up all of a sudden and we have no place to run, he stops, and says: "if I see you guys doing (something, didn't understand the word he said) and playing with matches again (wtf) I'll call the cops. We kept walking, and man that burned my high.

    Next day I was thinking it wouldn't matter, and I saw him when I was walking with my friend, he looked at me straight in my eyes... and now he's going around the apartments asking if they've seen me (he knows my name somehow... probably because he heard us talking)

    So now i'm sketched out. He may not walk up to my house since I (think) I look old enough where he wouldn't think I live with my parents still. (but who knows) But i'm sketched that he might call the cops or come to my house just to tell me to stay out of there... hence me probably getting kicked out of the house.

    He obviously dosent know where I live, but since I have to walk by there every day, he could watch me go to my house, the only other way to get to my house is a 20 min walk...

    Do you think he'll call the cops, or come to my house? What should I do? I'm mad sketched atm.
  2. chill out man. he's probably not gonna try to have a big investigation on some kid "playing with matches" just lay low and stop smoking over there
  3. What could get you kicked out, what did you do wrong? Say your were smoking cigarettes and it was just natural reaction to run or something.
  4. because I think he thought we were comitting arson or something, or starting a fire... since he saw the lighter that my friend dropped and that's how he sounded.

    I probably should have said we were just smoking, but I was too paranoid to think of it lol, and I really don't feel like stepping foot in there for awile, nevertheless talk to him...

    the problem is he ran... my plan was to sit there playing my gameboy I had in my pocket, the worst that would happen is he would tell us to leave. But he ran so it was too late... how am i going to explain why we ran if we did nothing wrong :/
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    Of course, and that's what I thought, but he's trying to find me...

    course i'm still high, but I know he's looking for me, but who the fuck knows, jwing what GC thinks since it will help my paranoia.
  6. He just doesnt want you messing with his maintenance shit. Sounds like he didnt even know what u were doing.
  7. meh that's the problem, he probably thought we were doing something way worse.

    Even if I told him we were smoking, he might not believe me, but I'm not gonna go approach him...
  8. damn dude, you act like this dude is going to fucking kill you. chill out and smoke a bowl lol :smoke:
  9. lol naw I just got paranoid because he's looking for me, which I don't understand...

    and since i'm dry, after I come down i'm sober for awile :/
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    at the appartments i used to live in the maintenance guys wouldnt care. i knew a few of em theyre pretty cool. they just want kids messin around with there stuff(u burning there shed down lol) and causeing problems with the rest of the neighbors.
    edit: tell him ur not messin with his shit and u were just looking for a place to smoke(just say cigs) cause your parents dont like it. He prly though yall were burning shit and being dumb. he can stay pissed or he might not care now that he knows wats up
  11. Say it's not illegal for you to smoke cigarettes, but your friend was underage and it tweaked you when he ran?

    Smoke somewhere else obviously.
  12. How do you know he is going around the APT asking if they know you? How old are you to run?

  13. What does that mean? I really hope you aren't suggesting he's not 18. I'm 19 and I'd probably be inclined to run if a security guard was sneaking up on me like that.
  14. People like that anoy the shit out of me, going out their way to try and get you into shit for not even realy doing anything bad.
  15. I'm 19... and I bet you would run too if you are high as fuck and your friend makes a scene by running away...

    anyway, a friend of mine heard the guy asking a lady if he knew me (he asked if she knew a guy with my name) and no, he's not bullshitting me (he's a good friend) and he said he heard it clearly.
  16. Running away was the problem. I don't smoke with people who freak out. It kills my buzz, brings unwanted attention (like your situation), etc., etc. Most apartment maintenance guys get high all the time anyways. At my old place, they changed my air filter when we just got done with a session. No big deal.
  17. If I was sober, I guarantee I would have told the guy we were just smoking when he rolled up. I was high as fuck, and I didn't know what to say. I almost wish he would come up to me about it so I could tell him, but there's no way i'm going in there anymore.
  18. Well, you could go back there purposefully smoking a cigarette and let him "catch" you then he would know you are a cigarette smoker & would have little reason to call the cops. FWIW
  19. I dont know the area in which you were smoking but i go by in public "its only sketchy if you are looking sketchy" this doesnt work all the time because of the smell and what not but u guys could have just gone for a walk or something. no need to sketch around and hide.
  20. In the US it is still innocent until proven guilty, if this guy tries to start shit just deny it, what is he going to do bring out video footage and fingerprints and shit? forget that noob and just dont smoke around there anymore.

    no worries :smoking:

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