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Caught by a little kid having sex outside

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by gnarkill, Mar 24, 2009.

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    Ok, i guess ill rewrite this because i was high when i wrote it.

    me and my girlfriend had a pint, and i smoked a few bowls, and we decided to have sex outside. it was the first time i ever did anything like it, but it was really nice, other than having to lay on my coat in woodchips, and it was really bright on my face.

    she was riding me, and some freshman at the highschool she goes to walks by. Shes also a peer mediator, and he happens to be one of the kids that she mediates.

    turns out hes kinda slow and he has a stalking problem, and my girlfriend says he walks around the halls yelling and making noise for attention (confidential, my ass..).

    anyways i have NO idea how long he was watching, couldent have been more than 5 minutes, because when we changed positions i checked, and all of a sudden, a weird nerdy looking kid walks by like

    "why are you fucking her, i know her",-kid
    "get the fuck outta here kid damn"-me
    "we should stop now"-girlfriend
    i was still fucking her, aha. anyways..
    "hey wanna video it??"-me
    the fucking kid turns around and gets his phone out, what the hell is wrong with kids these days...
    "get the fuck outta here now"-me

    by now i wasnt hard anymore, and i was getting close too. it was such a nice day. honestly being drunk really took the akwardness out of it, but it was a total BUZZKILL. if i was a little kid and i seen people fucking id go the other way.

    THIS KID decides he wants to talk to us, and we just got our clothes on, he was just standing a little ways down the trail looking in the opposite direction for a while, then he came back..

    "hey man dont tell anyone about this shit, shes my girlfriend, i dont want people to think shes a slut or anything"-me

    "uhh ok"-kid

    he kept following us for a few seconds, until i told him to get the hell outta here.

    anyways it was pretty lame because i got soft then i had blue balls really bad. pissed me off too.

    Outside sex is amazing by the way, but watch out for people.
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    Thats pretty awesome. But why were you drunk in the woods on some random trail nobody ever goes on lol. Suppose she passes out from being so drunk and then the kid walks by. Now you're pants-less standing over a motionless and also pants-less body in the middle of the woods. Next thing you know you're being sought out by police on rape and murder charges. You gotta think about these things man.
  3. The title of this thread led me to believe, that you were caught smoking weed, by a little kid who was having sex outside.
  4. Buzzzkilll
  5. me too :laughing:
  6. haha all i can say is haha....thats sucks for u man....i bet the kid has never seen porn before...imagine how lucky uve made him haha......

  7. Me too!! hahaha
  8. Lmao. What did the kid do? His reaction must have been priceless, as well as yours' and your girlfriends'.

    Why was a little kid alone in the middle of the woods too? If I saw a little kid in the middle of the woods, I'd assume his parents or someone to look after him wasn't far behind.

    This story needs more details.

  9. LOL!! Next time go a little ways off the trail so your less likely to get caught. ;)
  10. This story had so much potential to be better explicated. First off, it should have been called "Caught having sex outside by little kid" so people don't think some young midget fucking somehow managed to bust you.
  11. well now I need some pants-less pics of your girl in order for me to get the most out of this story.
  12. Bad scene i know i've been caught bid "act" seems to take the lead out of your pencil
  13. pics, video, and play by play of the girl getting naked or it didnt happen
  14. exactly! lol it must have been real akward..
  15. thats because you're high :smoking: lol
  16. fixed it, sorry.

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