Caught Buying Special Brownies At School!

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  1. Before I start this story, I would like to say that I realize how retarded I was to do this in school and that is the last time I will be making that mistake. Anyways, the story begins yesterday. What happened was I met up with my friend "J" to buy a couple weed brownies in the area between the two main school buildings to try them out. I ate them, and then went up to my next class. Towards the end of the class, the Dean of Students (aka mister ass whoopin 6 foot 5 scary dude) comes into my class looking all pissed off and I immediately started freaking out. He talked to the teacher and then he called me out into the hall and walked me to his office. He says, "someone just came to my office and reported that you purchased marijuana on our campus, you wanna tell me about what happened?" I was kind of shocked cuz I didnt tell anyone besides a couple close friends who i know wouildnt tell anyone. He tells me to empty out all my shit so I did and he looked through my pockets shook out everything in my backpack. After he didnt find anything, he got all pissed off and made me take off my shoes. As if that wasnt enough, he actually had the balls to ask me to take off my socks. I said no way in hell and hes all, "Then Im going to call your mother and shes going to escort you off the campus and you are expelled" I doubt hes even allowed to do that but I just did everything he asked and he still didnt find the brownies in my belly :D. He says ok you are free to go, and I thought I was off the hook. Then, today, I get called down to his office again and theres this big ass screen with all of the video that the cameras caught of me (yesterday). What the camera sees is me and my friend "J" talking, then just by chance, we happened to walk to an area where the camera could not see and do the exchange. We didnt even know there were cameras around but I swear to God he made me watch this loop 100 times and we only stepped out of view for maybe 5 seconds and I got SOOO lucky that it wasnt caught on tape. The problem was, the Dean recognized "J" so he decided to question him for no reason even though we werent caught on tape doing anything slightly suspicious. The Dean says to him, "I saw you talking to Pilsbury dBoy (my name has been changed to protect my privacy :p) inbetween classes today. I know about the exchange that took place. If you tell me about it, you will not get in any trouble" He straight up narced on me. J goes, "Alright, I admit it, I sold him a couple weed brownies". I got fucked by those little prick narcs. The Dean called my mom, and had her drag me out of school, so to make a long story short, Im currently suspended for 3 days. After the suspension ends, I go to a disceplenary hearing with the board of education to find out if Im kicked out or not. The moral of the story: dont bring shit into school. As for my situation at home, my parents were pretty pissed, but Its not gonna be so bad cuz now I have a 6 day weekend and get to sleep in and smoke weed all day :smoke: If i do get kicked out, I would go to the public school in my city, which most of my friends go to anyways. I still dont wanna get expelled, so wish me luck at the hearing :wave:
  2. Damn that really sucks. My school just put in cameras so now I'm too sketched out to do anything illegal at school haha anyways, good luck at your hearing
  3. haha man my friend had something exactly the same happen to him. hes a dealer, which is sweet because hes my best friend and i get free weed all the time. anyways, he had a half oz on him planning to sell it all at lunch and he left his sweatshirt (with the weed in it) in the gym and got called down to the office. APPARENTLY some gay 6th grader told on him because he knew somehow and my friend got searched. thank god he left his sweatshirt in the gym
  4. Damn, man. Ever heard of paragraphs?
  5. Time to find those cameras and get at them with paintball guns.
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    Wow, what a shitty way to end the whole ordeal. You got lucky that you already ate the brownies, you got HELLA lucky that the camera didnt see the deal. Then it all gets blown cause the teacher (or w.e) played mister cop and told him he already knew what he did:p.

    Man that sucks, you almost got um!

    Now its just time to find the narc and beat his ass!!! lol

    and for future reference, do it in the bathroom nice and quick (no cameras in there)
  7. Sucks that your friend didnt keep on his cool face and denied it.
  8. What the fuck? That dude sucks.
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    People get so fucking stoopid in that kinda situation. You obviously did the right thing denying it all the way through. Too bad your friend wasn't as cool under pressure. Did they actually catch your friend with the brownies or just say "hey, i know what you did"? Did he get suspended too for selling the shit to you?

    back when i ws in high school they tried that whole " we saw you smoking weed on camera" bull shit. I laughed at them. You can't PROVE that anything illegal went on by having a camera seeing you inhal or purchase something unless they actually catch you with dope on you. How do they know from the camera what it is you bought? HOw do they know what you were smoking was weed? The burdon of proof is always on the one making the accusations
  10. What a doucher....just opened him mouth like he was in a damn confessional.
    At least you ate them before they caught them on you.
  11. Snitch bitches...... he didnt get in any trouble for fucking sellin u the brownies tho.
  12. Doesn't make sense that the dealer doesn't get in any trouble, but the buyer does.

    Even though the dealer said what was going on, he still was DEALING weed at school, and if anything, should of got the same punishment as you. I don't think he got off scotch free.
  13. Well idk if he got in trouble or not because my mom picked me up before I could talk to him. They had us in separate rooms asking questions for the majority of the time, so I wasnt in there when he got his ass whooping. I know the first name of the kid who tipped off the dean so I gotta find out more about the narc bitch who started this whole thing. When I do, theres gonna be some sad clown faces :p

  14. yeeah i had 4 friends get busted... they wee going to the bathroom to do a small deal...

    and they saw em on the cameras all walking to the locker room

    so they blocked all doors... searched em as they came out... =(....

    sux man
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    OP you don't sound like a stupid kid...everybody makes mistakes, just learn from yours (don't get caught again!

    And be smart about retaliation, become part of another drama! Wait 'till 'things' settle down, don't talk about it and then, when he least expects it, go and say 'hello' to him. ;)

    on edit: Get ahead of the game, if you care about staying at that school write a short letter apologizing for your actions ;) and make sure it gets to the right people ON TIME!
  16. that sucks man take it easy,
  17. I've done the same thing but I wasn't as unfortunate as you, I guess the fact that I was still somewhat half asleep made me make an irrational decision, but I bought brownies first thing in the morning in the middle of a hallway filled with people, and my friend almost fumbled them when he took them out so they were in plain view, but all was good this was a while ago, never got caught, and the main office was a couple of doors down lol, but my 1st class the teacher doesn't give a fuck, sometimes he won't even come to class so I got stoned in my first period, yay thats a first for me
  18. Time to bust your friend up a bit for narcing.. WTF! nice friends you have!
    And damn where the hell do you live, fucking videocameras around the school!!!!
  19. my school has video cameras, but they arent watched unless there is suspicion, and the tapes are erased ever 48 hours, so they are just there to scare the younger students out of doing anything
  20. Too bad for you. You guys should have been smart enough to at least do the exchange in the fucking Bathroom.

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