Caught after smoking for 3 years :(

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  1. What's good, guys?

    Just got caught after being a semi-regular smoker for 3 or so years. I had always smoked on special occasions and after doing a large amount of each smoking method in my smoking days, I consider myself a lengthy smoker.

    Me and a few friends (I say a few, there were loads) were smoking weed, we had a fair amount and everyone was stoned... although we eventually split up.

    Me and one other guy went back to my house and planned to smoke a blunt. We had the windows open, the fan blowing out the window and air freshener. We smoked the whole blunt then put it outside. As we finish the blunt, I get called down: "Can you come down a minute please?"

    I instantly know I've been caught. I head downstards, pretty fucking stoned and I'm asked "Right, who's smoking a joint in your room? The whole house smells of it." Uncontrollably stoned, I try to explain it was a cigarette in which I'm informed "Your dad used to smoke it, he knows what it is." She soon notices I'm stoned and claims "he's stoned out of his face". My heart sunk and I felt shame and extreme fear. I go back upstairs and my friend has to depart as "get out whoever is doing it" was requested by her.

    While my friend walks out I hear my dad say "Don't do it" to him. He walks out and I lie back in bed in disorientation... I'm scared as fuck.

    Any useful information or help my fellow blades can give me, please assist me. Being caught sucks and I realize that. How can I get over this?
  2. You got to comfortable and became careless. Let us know how it goes for you.
  3. Find a nice song to set the mood for later tonight, you know whats coming. :devious:
  4. If they pull up the old myths, my List can help you out (click that first link in my sig).

    You shouldn't be in TOO much trouble- since Dad used to smoke, they know it's NOT going to send you straight to hell! But they are NOT going to be happy with you! (Parental reasoning- "If WE caught you, the cops might get you next!)

    Hope your grades are good, and/or you have a job! Maintaining a responsible life style makes parental acceptance a bit more likely.
  5. So wait...
    1. You smoked a blunt in your room...
    2. a house owned by your parents...
    3. ...while they were home...
    4. ...and they aren't cool with it/don't already know you smoke?

    Good plan. I am not advocating blindly following their advice, obviously, but don't you at least have the courtesy to respect their wishes and at least smoke... outside?
  6. I dont get people that think they can spark up in their parents home and them not notice.
  7. NEVER I MEAN NEVER SMOKE JOINTS/BLUNTS INSIDE if your trying to not get caught, sorry but smoking a blunt inside your room with people who can't know about it, is extremely stupid
  8. My friend started smoking in 7th grade and got caught for the first time by his parents the week before he was leaving for college hahah
  9. Get a MFLB doesn't smell at all like $105 great investment. It also conserves a lot
  10. A blunt? INSIDE?

    Don't wanna sound harsh, but it sounds like you deserved to get caught. But don't sweat it too much, happens to the best of us.
  11. If you don't plan on stopping do not tell them you are going to stop... I made that mistake and trust me the second time is much much worse
  12. Simply explain to your parents that you are a drug addict and smoking weed really helps you on days when you can't afford harder drugs like heroin and meth. Let them know that you understand smoking weed isn't acceptable and you will promise in the future to stick to drugs which are much easier to conceal. I'm sure they will be at ease after this conversation.
  13. this is exactly how the conversation would go for me if i got caught. im judt very careful not to get caught
  14. Dont fucking smoke inside your house when you're parents are home, what the hell are you thinking?
  15. Been caught before man, still feeling the effects.
    That was 3 months ago, hard shit.

    And my mum used to grow...
  16. dayum doe, keep your head up, shit happens...the guilty feeling is the worst
  17. a blunt? really man? that's just asking for it. I could see smoking a quick snapper outta the bowl.

    sorry to say but you done fucked up, son
  18. Good luck dude, it can only get better. Once its finally out there your parents will prob get used to the fact you blaze and overtime they prob will just ignore your habits. If not, then your own your own bud
  19. You just gotta take it, plain and simple. Dude your dumb though

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