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  1. Welcome to the journal of my journey, I can't promise it will be good but I'll try my best lol. Let's get started .

    First I'll start with the enviroment , I've got a 2'x2'x4.8' Mammoth tent and for lights a Hlg qb96 v2 elite driven by a Hlg-185h-54A driver. For ventilation I've got an AC Infinity cloud line t4 hooked up to a carbon filter etc .Also a small clip fan for air movement aswell .

    I built my own soil of course ( it is the organics section,why I'm here lol) I followed mofos recipe listed in no-till gardening revisited and I'm gonna follow his watering schedule aswell till I get the hang of things in the organics world . I got everything he recommend except for neem . I didn't want to order online so I thought I'll try to find some in town but still can't so looks like I'm ordering online and adding it in as soon as I get it, unsure if I need both meal and oil however , also looking for a silica source aswell . Might use prepper420s recommendation for that .

    I got some seeds from Vancouver seedbank , well from a buddy from a seedbank . He got regular seeds unfortunately but that's ok I'll just plant a couple extra incase of males . I bought some northern lights and some blueberry kush . Cracked after 2 days of germination then sprouted 3 after being planted . They are 2 days old now . About an inch tall each .

    So all in all at the moment the tent is averaged at 24C at day degrees , more like 23 right at the seedlings and 24.5 at the very top. Humidity kept at about 60-70% . Night time temp goes to 20 and humidity rises a bit . Light is about 2 1/2 -3 feet away running 48.5V through it . They are all in red solo cups , 4 total , I want 2 females so I think I probally will .

    Pictures of plant and more to come later ,maybe I'll do weekly updates or once every few days idk but I'll see you all next time .

    Oh yea I hit 6969 kilometers on my way to work today , felt nice to see that roll through my odometer.
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  2. First thing I noticed was the avatar, I'm currently riding a 2016 Ninja 1000 with about 8000 miles or so.

    Good luck with your grow, looking forward to some pics.

  3. This cat wonders if this is your first organic foray? Clean cannabis is good for the earth and your psyche.
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  4. Yes it is my first organic grow , I've done two grows in the past using bottled nutes and I feel like perhaps organic is better , so I'm giving it a try .
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  5. Some photos for ya ! Plants , tent setup and my control panel as I like to say. And a nice field I found , gotta appreciate those fields .

    IMG_2020.JPG IMG_2021.JPG IMG_2023.JPG IMG_2025.JPG IMG_1983.JPG
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  6. Thanks , hopefully all goes well
  7. IMG_2036.JPG IMG_2031.JPG Day 6 now , fed them with a light kelp/neem tea , all looks good so far . Still trying to find a good silica source locally , if not looks like I'm headed online . i got neem oil from a local East Indian shop, still trying to find neem seed meal that id like to mix into my soil mix for when I transplant out of my seedling mix . Probally gonna order that online too with the silica now if I think about it .
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  8. Looking good.

    Rice Hulls are a good source of Natural Silica. I've been using them in my worm bin and also mixing them into my soil.
  9. hm , do you crush them into a powder ? And is it fast acting ? I asked prepper420 about using rock dust and he says that can take years to activate
  10. I think the rice hulls will break down over the course of a year or so, not fast acting at all but I'm hoping it's enough. I also topdress regularly with worm castings that also have them so that is how I make sure I get a continuous supply of Silica.

    I still use the liquid silica in my foliar feeds.
  11. Which brand and how do you find that's working for you ?
  12. I'm not 100% certain they are working but my plants have been pretty happy since I've been mixing my own No-Till. I'm more less relying on everyone's experience and incorporating it into my own grow.

    I used the following but I would look at sourcing an organic product next time as I'm sure this brand was treated with pesticides when the rice was grown.

    Rice Hulls (50 Lb Bag) -
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  13. Just saw this, subbed up man!
    Rock dust can last up to 3 years. I use a custom blend of Balsalt and St. George’s Black Rock Dust. Lots of long term nutrients in there.

    Rice hulls last around 6-8 months in a moist no-till environment. And they’re great for the soil and I like to use them as a mulch for smaller pots.

    “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” - Lao Tzu
    Prepper420’s No-Tillin Adventure!
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  14. M
    Okay , that sounds good . When I mixed my soil I added rock dust so that's nice it will benifit for the future . IMG_2026.PNG

    However I'm trying to find a suitable source for day 3 . Where it is recommended to water the Mbp in with a silica source . From what you said earlier in no till revisited I thought you meant that the rock dust would not be readily available very fast. So if that is correct then I'll probally get some of the grow-sil you mentioned , as long as that stuff will work well .
  15. Grow-Sil is just powder rice hulls, works great and doesn’t sky rocket your water PH like mineral Silica.

    I get MBG from a home brew store. Can get a 50lb bag for $48.
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  16. Yea I got my mbp from a brewery store too , guess I'll grab some grow sil
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  17. Yeah buddy! Supports a recycled product vs something mined out of the earth.
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  18. Just curious how reliable that site is , , looks like it hasn't been updated for a while .
  19. I’ve been ordering from them for 4-5 years, just got a box in today from them, great stuff!

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