Cats OR Dogs?

Discussion in 'General' started by xxjon, May 31, 2009.

  1. Cats ftw
  2. kurt cobain was a cat lover and so am i:hello:
  3. I'm a huge animal lover so I looove both, but I'd have to say Dogs ftw. They're just so sweet and loving, and I feel like they just have more personality. I just got a kitten today though and i'm the happiest person eva.
  4. why isnt this an option?

  5. i'm a huge cat lover but when it comes down to it , i love dogs.
    but i'd like to say equal :/
  6. Dogs all the way

  7. for serious. Cat-Dog is superior to all other animals, why you ask?

    I'll tell you why..Cat-dog has thumbs.
  8. dogs for sure, you can't play catch with a cat outside.
  9. dogs fa sho. mans best friend for a reason.
  10. Both option, plox.

    I voted Cats, because I like them over dogs, but I really do love both. I want a Siberian Huskey with blue eyes and a Maine Coon. :D

  11. Point Proven

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  12. I like cats, but they just freak me out when I'm stoned
    dogs all the way
  13. Dogs are better companions but cats are very independent. Personally I think house cats are the most superior beings on the planet. At least out door cats that is, they just come and go as they please and get free food.
  14. wow...they've really got you where they want you eh? :D

    for me, it's all dogs. i like having a buddy go hiking, biking, camping, swimming, etc. with me wherever, whenever. unquestioned love and loyalty is an under appreciated commodity these days. :)
  15. whichever, they're both delicious
  16. lawlz no seriousl dogs though i have 3 dogs and one cat the dogs are playful and fun the cat just sits next to his food bowl all day and scratches me whenever i go by trying to get food he a fat little fucker dogs ftw
  17. Cats are the only way to go.

    Fuckin dogs... No one likes 'em.
  18. Cats FTW. Most dogs are annoying, smelly, I fucking HATE barking, they destroy things....I like some dogs, it's on a case by case basis


    My kittens :D I kept the black one

  19. dogs are so far superior to cats this is common knowledge

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