Cats or Dogs, which makes a better pet?

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  1. I have a dog and a cat and I think they're both awesome. But I'm curious what other GC people think. Do you like one species better than the other? Why?

    Dogs are cool because they do tricks and you can take them on walks but they're completely dependent on humans.

    Cats are cool because they are independent, clean and you can leave them for a week without worrying, but you can't take them on walks (unless you're that crazy lady at the farmers market with her cat on a leash) or really train them to do any tricks.

    So which is better?
  2. dogs no doubt. i value true companionship over hairballs and snobby-ness
  3. It depends on the individual

    My female dog is awesome!! She'll respond to my commands, she'll ask for food and to be let outside and she loves to show me she loves me!! She's my best friend..just like they say.....dogs are man's best friend!!

  4. Well, it depends on the dog and the cat. My cat is never more than a foot from a human when they're around. He follows people everywhere and loves to sit on laps. I've had him for 13 years and he's won over a lot of cat haters. My dog is awesome, but I question his loyalty...if a stranger came into the house with some yummy treats, I think he'd bolt.

    Pets are awesome in general. They provide you with companionship without the annoyances of a girlfriend. There are many times when I'm arguing with my GF about something trivial that I think "man, I wish she was more like my dog"...he never argues with me and when I want him to do something I just need a treat and he'll act as if it's an honor to do it.
  5. Cats are more dependent while dogs are more about companionship and loyalty, dogs must get there daily exercise and play time.

    I'll vote dogs just because I've had way more postive experiences with dogs than cats.
  6. I have a deep love for all animals, but my edge is for cats. Yeah, they're independent and illusive, but he has never gotten me out of bed at 2:00 am - in the rain - to piss.
  7. Dogs all across the board
  8. I like cats. Only because they are willing to be your friend, but never your slave.
  9. I'd say dogs... Because they're you're buddy and are up for anything. I like to take my dog places and driving around doing errands. Hes the perfect hiking buddy... Cats aren't really up to do those things, even though I like cats also.
  10. I want a giraffe or ostrich
  11. dogs they have a pack mentality they are actually your best friend were as a cat is hunting all the time i have both cats and dogs and my dogs have a much wider range of personality where as both my cats only try and get my attention when they want feed
  12. Maybe I'm just splitting hairs but I dislike your choice of words. I think they are both equally good pets in their own way but I prefer dogs to cats myself. But in my house I only have a cat (not mine) and dogs are not practical for me right now. I appreciate the intuitiveness that comes with felines but IMO nothing beats the bond between a man and his dog. :cool:
  13. dogs you can actually train them and take them places and there more loving
    the 2 cats I have are doucebags one of them pees in my kitchen sink and the other one scratches a lot he even made my cousin get stiches
  14. I have a deep love and respect for all animals. I've owned four ferrets and two cats. Ferrets are awesome but I have to say for a pet, I pick cats. I love when they cuddle and purr,.
  15. [quote name='"Parable"']I like cats. Only because they are willing to be your friend, but never your slave.[/quote]

    Dogs will be your companion. Cats use you for food. So you are the slave
  16. Dogs give you unconditional love, can be trained, are loyal, like to play, and have a social intelligence that goes beyond that of many other animals.

    Cats slink off to themselves, scratch shit up, and aren't that smart.

    I choose dogs.

    But I get that some people like cats because they aren't as high maintenance as dogs.
  17. That is exactly why I like cats. Nobody really 'owns' a cat.

    I respect that.
  18. Yeah. They own YOU
  19. That doesn't bother me. at all. They earned it. ;)
  20. Dogs for sure. I've had cats in the past but I have no intentions on getting another one. I love animals but cats don't do shit.

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