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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kaki, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. I live in the Sacramento area and my dealer always sells purple kush and sometimes grandaddy purples. They're great indica highs, but in the winter he has access to the Catpiss. It smells far stronger than any strain I know of, and tastes so sweet-sour it's unbelievable. I know what you're thinking and... no, it's not dipped in cat piss. It's an actual strain but I don't know its heritage.

    Has anybody else had experience with this strain? I'd like to know more about it... it's becoming a minor legend in some Sacramento circles.
  2. last year i got an 1/8 of cat piss. very strong sativa high. but the smell and taste are a little unpleasant.
  3. Its a good strain, I smoked it a while ago, real strong smell, and a very cerebral sativa high, good shit, go for it. :D
  4. i pretty much have 24/7 365 access to catpiss.. i really like it for some reason that smell is actually appealing to me now. :)

    its a nice heady high instead of being couchlocked all the time :D
  5. I have plenty of experience smoking it... I used to smoke it 24/7 until his supplier decided to diversify his crop. What I'm mostly curious about are its lineage, maybe some cannabinoid stats, anything like that?
  6. its cat x piss :D:smoking:

    sorry i dont have a real response i thought that would be funny since im high

    id like to see some pics
  7. Catpiss was smoked the first time I smoked a first timer out.
  8. This is a totally legit strain. I've smoked it. I'm almost 100% sure its from Cali and stays grown in Cali
  9. I got my hands on this a couple months ago, and I fell in love. Properly cured, those were some of the nicest nugs I've ever laid eyes on. The lingering smell, and unmistakable taste out of the bowl... Mmm...
  10. "I'm really ill, really feel, really Mac-ish
    I'm waiting on the bitch and I'm puffin on some cat piss"

    -Mac Dre
  11. [​IMG]


    But I hear good things about catpiss, I havent found a good batch of it though.
  12. i would get the strain at least once, so you could Techniquely be....CHEESINGGGGGG!!!! hahaha

    nah ive never heard of the strain but if you do get it, post some pics and tell us how it is

  13. No. That's a legit strain.

    Sorry big guy. :rolleyes:
  14. i never said it wasnt, i just said i've never heard of it. i'm sure there are a ton of strains i've never heard of but that doesnt mean it doesnt exist right. it was a fucking joke man.
  15. had it before, dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnk

    smells oh so good too
  16. [​IMG]
  17. ^ Who was that picture taken by? anyone know?
  18. that sounds alot like skunk to me but different places have different names.
  19. smoked a bowl of catpiss while in AZ great great shit

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