Catpilar or worm help

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  1. So I found this fat fcker chewing one of my sour d buds, after further inspection I found a much smaller one and 8-10 other adults. I'm outdoor in 65 gal pots, promix. My trichs are turning right now and I figured on harvesting in a week. Question if I harvest now will they sense it and leave the buds or keep eating? If they'd keep eating what should I do? Also curious if these are borers or not
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  2. Id harvest if i were you because those caterpillars could spread a fungus on your plant ad it could br ruined in a week.
  3. Id typically recommend bt safer brand garden dust

    But not that late into flower. Id let them be til harvest, pick the ones off that you can and smash them.

    They hide on stems and under the top layer of soil.

  4. What is this "catpilar"?
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    Thnx for the beneficial input, do you guys know if they will go away if I chop? I know some pests can sense the plant dieing or decaying and they will search for greener living plants to feed on

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