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  1. Cannabis' Impact on Health Justifies Its Legalization, Not Its Criminal Prohibition

    [​IMG] by Paul Armentano
    Lead Essay

    In July 2011, the Obama Administration rebuffed an administrative petition filed by a coalition of public interest organizations, including NORML, which sought to reassess cannabis' Schedule I status under federal law. Yet little if any scientific basis exists to justify the federal government's present prohibitive stance, and there is ample scientific and empirical evidence to rebut it.

    Losing Hearts and Minds in the Drug War

    [​IMG] by Norm Stamper
    Lead Essay
    November 9th, 2011

    In the forty years since Richard Nixon declared a “War on Drugs,” Americans' perceptions of that war are finally beginning to shift.

    Ending Cannabis Prohibition in America

    [​IMG] by Allen St. Pierre
    Lead Essay
    November 11th, 2011

    The now 40-year-old organized effort to reform cannabis laws in America is on the cusp of major socio-political change. Approximately fifty percent of the population no longer supports the nation's 74-year-old cannabis Prohibition. Reformers have made tremendous gains, notably at the state level, which have placed us at this crossroads, yet obstacles to full cannabis legalization are abundant and deep-seated in Congress and the federal government.

    • Morgan Fox argues that marijuana both can and should be integrated into the American economy and American civil society. He notes that while taxation and regulation of marijuana may be causes for concern among some growers and users, the “regulation” we have now is undoubtedly worse, because it means only criminals are allowed to grow the nation's largest cash crop. With public support for legalization at 50%, he nonetheless acknowledges that politicians have been slow to adopt the issue, and federal Prohibition is still likely to last for quite some time.

    Be sure to medicate before starting to read these,,and you may want to keep the bong handy.
  2. never. a new War on something or another will start soon, and Hemp Prohibition will take a seat on the back burner.

    the class warfare will continue

  3. yes indeed....and this is a subject that needs to be understood by anyone active in ANY protest movement.

  4. pretty much says it all

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