Catnip - The Experiments

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  1. Well, first off excuse any errors, I am very high right now. Anyway, I had been doing some research on the plant Nepeta cataria (Catnip) and decided to go buy some and try it out myself. When ingested orally in humans, the plant calms the stomach and relaxes. When smoked, it's not exactly known what happens. Some argue that it is psychoactive, some say it's not. Anyway, I got a couple ounces for about 5 bucks and held onto it for a couple days. I waited until i got some bud and then experimented with the catnip in several different ways. Here are my conclusions:

    When smoked by itself, Catnip does make me feel physically relaxed. Not mentally relaxed, just physically. It's not really a good or bad feeling, just a feeling. I wouldn't really recommend it.

    But when smoked before smoking marijuana... it is amazing. You go into your marijuana smoking session with a relaxed body feeling, and when you smoke, you start to get very high very fast. I have found that I only have to smoke half as much to get much more high than usual after a "catnip session." It is not a high for all times though, it basically just turns whatever weed you are smoking until a dankilicious indica. You will melt into the couch...

    A few notes on smoking it. It's kind of harsh in a regular pipe (and the smell will take over the pipe), so I made a homemade bong and used that. That makes it easy to take in 4-5 bowls in 10 minutes before your real smoking session. So give it a try if you want. Make sure you buy 100% Catnip with nothing else in it. Also, I've been doing this for several days and haven't experienced any negative side effects from smoking the catnip.

  2. Interesante mucho
  3. i've been wondering about catnip for a while. my cat loves it, she looks like she's on ecstasy when she eats a bunch of it. i had thought about smoking it, but never really cared enough, now i might actually some day.
  4. very interesting

    must try

  5. Indeed, +rep
  6. Once I rolled a herbal cig out of sage, green tea, and catnip. It was a very relaxing feeling, and I think it was because of the catnip.

    Dude, but 4 to 5 bowls? That just sounds kinda nasty...I mean, I could see smoking one bowl of it before a session, but 4 to 5?
  7. The erowid trip reports say it's super mild and one said he puked so...I'll pass. You also don't know the health effects of it at all, it's not like it's widely researched. For all you know you could have some cancer cells a growin.

  8. dude lets face it. in this day and age we all have cancer.

  9. Not us here at Grasscity who have cancerous cells raped and pillaged by good ol' THC :)
  10. It would be damn hard to smoke 4-5 straight bowls, but with the homemade bong, I could smoke a bowl in a minute or two and my throat/lungs were no worse for the wear. So 4-5 bowls doesn't even take 10 minutes. Plus, I wouldn't do it every time I smoked, just those times you want to be extra extra relaxed physically.

    And yeah, inhaling any kind of smoke isn't good, but it's probably a safe bet that smoking catnip isn't any worse for you than smoking any other plant.
  11. Bullshit. I smoke weed daily, and I still got cancer. Unclassifiable Lymphoma to be exact. I had to have 6 months chemo, and 1 month of radiation.

  12. I think he was refering to the fact that in many scientific test marijuana is shown to decrease the risk of certian cancers as well as cause many types of tumors to shrink.
  13. I've always wondered about catnip effects. But I'd rather give it to my cat while im smoking a bowl so we are both high as a kite.

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